Women’s waist bag as an everyday option!

Women’s waist bag — a new trend or an investment in a fashionable women’s bow! Once you try it on, you can’t do without it! Until recently, the waist bag was considered the bag of merchants! This greeting from the 90s has long been intercepted by fashionistas and is a trend to this day. The wave was supported by young mothers, because it is very convenient when your hands are free, and you are busy with your own business! But now there is no doubt — every girl has a stylish, bright belt bag! What will you do today: go to work, go to the park, go for a walk, ride a bike or go on a trip?? The bag will always be next to you, which means your belongings are safe. Do you run in the morning? Then you definitely need it! No need to look for pockets, or put away things that always get in the way / keys, phone, etc. Just take care of yourself — and your things will be taken care of by a waist bag !!!

The Russian factory BIORI is engaged in the manufacture and tailoring of such wonderful waist bags! They are small, but the most necessary will fit! The material is durable and long lasting! There is a zippered pocket inside the bag! External back pocket — will help to place the phone, keys, what you need to get quickly! The lining is dense, does not tear, does not spread! Reliable fastex fastener. The belt is adjustable for your body type. Can be worn on the belt, shoulder, chest! Tailoring is done by masters who know and love their job!

With love, your BIORI team

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