Women’s bodysuits have long been loved by many girls because of their advantages and comfort to wear. Although, many still do not understand why buy a bodysuit, why is it better than a longsleeve or turtleneck?

Let’s figure it out:

1) The main distinguishing characteristic and advantage of the bodysuit is panties with a fastener, which are a continuation of the top. Panties come in a classic cut, covering the buttocks, or bikini panties, as open as possible at the back. Bikini panties are now very popular in bodysuits, due to their practicality, because they do not stand out from under clothes. This allows you to wear bodysuits with tight skirts and trousers. At the same time, the bodysuit will sit perfectly, not climb out from under the clothes and emphasize the waist. Our bodysuits are modeled with thong panties for more practicality.

2) The clasp in the bodysuit is in the form of hooks, buttons or Velcro. In most cases, the fastener is located in the panty gusset area. Here, too, everyone has their favorite options: classic underwear hooks for bodysuits are increasingly being replaced with small underwear buttons. Buttons are easier and faster to fasten. But thanks to the hooks, the body can be adjusted in length. If the bodysuit is made of fabric with elastane and stretches well, then adjustment in length with the help of hooks is not needed. That is why in knitted bodysuits they mainly began to use underwear buttons.

Regarding Velcro: it is used in the economy segment bodysuits when they want to minimize the cost of the product. The disadvantages of such a fastener are obvious: rigidity, a feeling of discomfort, unreliability, it can unfasten at any time, it can rub the crotch. Of the benefits: quickly unfastens and fastens.

Due to the fact that our bodysuits stretch well and are adjustable in length, we use underwear buttons for fastening.

3) What can a bodysuit be made of?

Bodysuits are sewn from synthetic fabrics or from natural ones, but with the addition of elastane. So that the bodysuit stretches well and fits the figure.

Probably, it will not be news to you that in synthetics the skin sweats more and faster, does not breathe, there is a feeling of tightness and a feeling as if you put on something rubber.

Therefore, cotton products, which feel like a second skin, are ideal. The skin breathes, does not sweat, does not rub and does not cause allergies.

Often, for sewing bodysuits, they began to use decorative mesh, which stretches very well and perfectly takes the shape of the body. In such a grid there are a lot of beautiful, stylish and relevant prints. The skin in it also breathes well, does not sweat, there is no feeling of tightness. The only disadvantage of such a grid is its transparency. Not every girl dares to wear a transparent bodysuit, in which underwear and all the nuances of the body are fully visible.

That’s why we decided to combine 2 in 1 stylish printed mesh with cotton lining. We got beautiful fashionable bodysuits with a tattoo effect and leopard print, which are not translucent, fit well on the figure, while you feel comfortable.

What body color should I choose? — It’s up to you! 🙂

Nataly Dorofeeva

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