Women’s bags — which one to choose?

A handbag is without a doubt one of the most popular items in a woman’s wardrobe. A women’s bag has become an indispensable accessory, and an addition to the image of the fair sex, both from a practical and aesthetic point of view. In the 21st century, this accessory has improved so much that it can easily decorate any outfit, harmoniously complementing the image. Thanks to the assortment and variety of all kinds of styles and designs, modern women’s bags are not only a functional addition to the image. They also become its bright detail, on which attention is focused, emphasizing the refined and refined style of a beautiful lady. And yet, in order for this piece of clothing to really harmoniously complement the outfit, you need to choose the right shape, size and design. Today we will analyze several varieties of bags that are suitable for every day and for a special occasion, each of which has unique features.


If backpacks do not make you want to pack your notebooks and textbooks for school in the evening, this kind of bag can become your favorite everyday accessory.

Distinctive features: worn behind the back with straps. All other details can be almost anything.

What is good: Of course, the fact that you not only have your hands free, but also the bag does not hang on your shoulder. A backpack with comfortable shoulder straps can be worn without noticing all day. If you always have a set of things with you for all occasions, you can easily pick up a large backpack, if you prefer to limit yourself to your phone and keys, your choice is minimalist mini backpacks.

Tote bag

The absolute queen among basic bags. It seems that today not having such a bag in your arsenal is like not having a bed at home — perhaps, but inconvenient and a little strange. This workhorse will help you out almost anywhere you go.

Distinctive features: large enough, can be square or rectangular, made of dense materials that hold their shape, has two parallel handles. What is the difference between a tote bag and a shopper (which looks suspiciously like it): a shopper is sewn from soft materials, for example, linen. In fact, a shopper is a cheap roomy bag with which it is convenient to go to the supermarket. Do not be embarrassed by the fact that sometimes even large brands call tote bags shopper — they are really similar in shape and the difference is not criminal.

What is good: strict laconic lines, while you can be sure that everything will fit, and lipstick, and a diary, and a scarf, and a kilo of potatoes.


This bag looks like a large pocket on the strap. This is a medium size model. It is usually worn over the shoulder, freeing up the hands. They are acceptable for office style and creating a casual bow. They conveniently accommodate the necessary women’s little things: a mobile phone, the necessary cosmetics, keys, a wallet. Bags are securely closed, so you can be calm for the safety of things in it. There are options for a sporty style, an evening out. Their difference is in the material of manufacture and the degree of decoration. Therefore, this accessory can be matched to any season or style of clothing. This model has been holding the primacy of popularity for several years. Having bought it, you can be sure that for a few more years you will be the owner of a fashionable bag.

We bring to your attention several models of women’s bags that you can purchase in the WILDEBERRY store:

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