When it comes to buying a new pair of shoes, usually most people make their choice based on how they look, not how they feel on their feet.

However, your feet are the foundation on which your body’s weight is supported throughout the day, which means it’s crucial to choose a quality and comfortable pair of shoes that will protect your feet and keep you comfortable all day long. Especially for women who are often torn between the dilemma of whether to wear heels or just sneakers. Of course, for simple tasks like running errands, meeting up with friends for a casual chat over coffee, etc., buying a cool pair of sneakers is the obvious choice.

Let’s see why this is so.


Sneakers and sneakers come in a variety of styles, making them perfect for a wide variety of activities. For example, they can be used for everyday walks in the park, for sports, and you can also wear them on Fridays at the office. On the other hand, leather sneakers can in some cases be worn with more formal attire, but should never be worn with athletic gear. The sneakers you should work with are a category of their own as they should have some features that will make your time more efficient and safer.


Such shoes, especially when choosing models with perforations or mesh, allow air to circulate, allowing the feet to breathe. This is very important, especially in summer, in hot weather. If your feet are not breathing, chances are they will be wet with sweat. If you leave your feet like this for a long period, it can cause bad foot odor and even infection.

leg support

Whether you’re running or just wearing sneakers to work, a well-chosen pair will give your feet all the support they need. In addition, sneakers and sneakers provide more stability than any other shoe, allowing you to jump or walk with confidence.

In PONTINO you can find sneakers and sneakers for women and men for every taste — from leather classics to modern and light summer models.

Link to the wildberries catalog: https://www.wildberries.ru/brands/pontino

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