Often parents think: “what’s so difficult about it — to buy a banana for a child.” Buy the first model that comes across. Then she either rolls around the house, or gets lost, or loses her attractive appearance too quickly.

Choose accessories with your kids

Whether a child will wear a waist bag or not depends on the appearance. I liked the bag — excellent. And if not, she will wallow around the house doing nothing. Therefore, it is better to choose accessories together.

In the production of GRIZZLY products, we have tried to reduce the risk of such unsuccessful purchases to zero. Firstly, we constantly follow fashion shows and do what is now in trend. Secondly, we have been producing accessories for more than 25 years — we know what exactly children like.

For example, this season they released several lines of fanny packs for kids:

— Fruit slices (kiwi, apple, orange, etc.).
— Funny animal faces (cat, raccoon, mouse, etc.).
— With thematic prints (space, ships, dinosaurs, etc.).

All models are bright and attractive. We worked out the design and functionality of handbags for teenagers separately. They are trendy and age appropriate.

Choose the contents of the bag according to age

There are models of waist bags with a large number of pockets and compartments. This is true for adults. For children, such functionality is often superfluous. The accessory becomes more expensive, and children use the pockets for other purposes or do not use them at all. That is why we make waist bags for babies with one spacious compartment. In bags for teenagers on the back side we make an additional pocket of hidden access. It is needed for money or a mobile phone.

Pay attention to belt adjustments

In the classic version, the waist bag is worn at the waist, where it is securely fixed. Unlike a classic handbag, it is difficult to lose it or forget it somewhere. But fashion makes its own adjustments to the use of accessories. It has become fashionable to wear them on the chest, throwing the belt over the shoulder.

In GRIZZLY fanny packs we use long straps with a wide range of adjustments. If you prefer the classics, tighten your belt tighter and wear a handbag around your waist. If you want to be fashionable, wear a bag on your shoulder or cross your shoulder. Even adults who like bright youth design can wear such accessories.

Quality can play a decisive role

Imagine you are buying a fanny pack for your child. He puts his phone, documents and some accessories in it. The fastex turns out to be weak, it unzips somewhere on the bus and the purse with all the contents is lost. Poor quality accessories are too expensive.

In the production of GRIZZLY belt bags, we test fittings and fabrics for strength. Finished products undergo a three-stage quality control. The seams of the belt bags are even and neat. Accessories are durable, reliable and long-lasting.

Appearance can be kept attractive for a long time

Children are not always neat. This must be taken into account. At first, they can take a fanny pack with them to the beach or on a hike. After that, go with her to school, university or to visit. It is important that in any situation she remains neat.

We additionally treat GRIZZLY accessories with water and dirt-repellent impregnation. The material does not let water through, dirt does not penetrate the fibers, and if stains remain on the surface, they can be easily removed with a regular damp cloth. Even not the most neat children remain neat.

Now you know what to look for when choosing belt bags. Buy quality accessories and wear them with pleasure.

Sincerely, the GRIZZLY team.

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