What shoes are right for you? Choosing the perfect couple

The right shoes are the key to a good day and good mood. Since in comfortable shoes we feel confident, as if they were an extension of our legs. Such a great couple, unfortunately, is rare. We experiment with all sorts of options, rushing from one extreme to another, wearing sneakers, then high-heeled shoes. What kind of shoes are still worth stopping by?

Perfect heel

Orthopedists have developed a formula for calculating the optimal heel height: foot length (cm): 7 = optimal heel height. Such a heel on shoes helps the feet when walking and protects them from fatigue. Its ideal height is 2-4 cm. If you are a lover of high heels, then remember that such shoes should not be worn too often. In it, the load on the legs is not distributed physiologically, the foot stops springing and each step gives back to the vertebrae. After some time, regular wearing of high-heeled shoes leads to diseases of the veins, joints and spine.


For some reason, the platform is considered a good alternative to the heel. But the constant wearing of platform shoes is fraught with many hidden dangers. In such shoes, the muscles of the foot practically do not work, which adversely affects the spine, posture and gait. And the platform also contributes to the development of flat feet.

pointed toe

Strict shoes with tapered toes now and then appear in fashion collections and stores. However, their owners need to know that this sharp nose greatly deforms the toes.

Ballet shoes

Shoes without heels are akin to slippers and are designed to be worn on a flat surface and not for very long. Suitable in size, they are almost not felt on the legs. For long shopping trips, these shoes are definitely not suitable, because the foot, having no support on the heels, is flattened.

Sneakers and sneakers

Sports shoes have their own strict purpose — training, hiking, and so on. Its design, material is not suitable for everyday wear. Daily wearing of such shoes causes sweating, and the moisture content of the skin and the flexibility of the sole help to relax the ligamentous apparatus of the foot. fixes the foot.

At the time of buying

one. To see if you feel comfortable in your new shoes, walk around the store floor in them.

2. Pay attention to the heel: it should tightly cover the heel, and after squeezing, straighten up and take its previous shape.

3. With your shoes on, try wiggling your toes.

four. Rub the insole with a napkin, it should not leave marks.

5. For new shoes, go in comfortable and comfortable shoes. If the one that is on you presses or rubs, it will be quite difficult to understand the sensations in a new pair.

6. Choose shoes after dinner: the foot always swells a little in the evening and becomes about one and a half sizes larger.

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