The coronavirus pandemic, which has been raging around the world for several months now, could not but affect our daily lives. And it’s not just about the mask mode and the need to observe safety measures in public places. The pandemic has caused many people to postpone their vacation trips or even postpone their plans indefinitely. But over time, anti-epidemiological measures are gradually beginning to soften, which means that now you can think about traveling.

But having decided on a tourist trip in this difficult time, one should not forget about one’s own safety. Keeping a distance when communicating with other people, wearing a mask and gloves does not guarantee complete protection against infection with COVID-19. To protect yourself from this threat, you also need to use additional means of protection against viruses — antiseptics. They can disinfect the skin of the hands, as well as small surfaces that we touch most often: door handles, mobile phone screens, keys, and so on. But what is the best hand sanitizer to protect against coronavirus while traveling?

Most household antiseptics are presented in various formats: liquid gels, sprays, aerosols and wipes. Each of these options has its own advantages and purposes: it is convenient to wipe surfaces and disinfect the air with some means, while treating the skin with others. To effectively protect yourself from viruses, it is better to have all these tools in stock.

On the trip, four products will be quite enough: an antiseptic gel for treating the skin of the hands, a disinfectant spray and wipes for treating small surfaces, and a moisturizer to restore the water balance of the skin of the hands after using alcohol products.

You can buy them both separately and as a VOYAGE set from the Acea brand, which includes all the disinfecting products you need on your trip:

gel sanitizer Voyage 50 ml. Effectively eliminates pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi due to ethyl alcohol in the composition (65%), has caring and moisturizing components, due to which it gently cleanses the skin.

antiseptic spray Voyage in a volume of 50 ml based on a mixture of alcohols (76%). Suitable for quick treatment of hands and surfaces. It has increased efficiency for the destruction of viruses and bacteria.

3 alcohol wipes (65% alcohol) Aceya Sanilox 135*185 mm individually packed. Designed for the treatment of hands and surfaces from dust, dirt, bacteria and viruses. The impregnating composition of the wipes dries quickly and does not need to be washed off.

moisturizing cream Voyage 50 ml. It is designed to effectively moisturize and nourish the skin, which is especially important when regularly treating hands with an antiseptic against coronavirus.

The VOYAGE antiseptic kit from Acea will become an indispensable assistant on travel, business trips and any other trips. It will come in handy not only during a pandemic, because you should always monitor your safety and choose effective means of protection against viruses and bacteria.

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