What is an eco-friendly gift?

Instructions for those who are still far from the topic, but want to please their loved ones, for whom an environmentally friendly and ethical approach is important. So.

Choose a practical gift

Give something that will definitely come in handy, it will taste good and will last for more than one year. Specify what your loved one would like to receive as a gift. It’s better than a knick-knack gathering dust on a shelf.

Skip the packaging

Especially plastic. This can not be recycled. Instead of bags and film, choose craft paper. It can be tied with cotton tape or ordinary twine.

Choose local brands

So the transport footprint will be shorter, which means that the negative impact on the environment will be less. Almost all foreign goods have Russian alternatives, and no less quality ones. Smaller volumes — more attention to production

Buy a gift in advance

While work and pre-holiday chores have not overwhelmed you, deliveries work without delay, and all goods are in stock.

In the photo — Just bags from MYFLAFICO. We also make other models!

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