It is almost impossible to meet a girl on the street without a handbag. Different variations of a fashionable accessory allow you to choose for any look, mood, season. If in winter we choose a practical version of the bag, then in summer we can indulge ourselves with various colors, shapes, details. So what bag to choose for the summer? We invite you to pay attention to the popular trends of 2022:

  • Knitted bag. This trend is reincarnated every summer. So, purchasing this model, you can not worry about its relevance.
  • Echoes of the 00s. The trend for small shoulder bags in the style of the zeros in 2022 has become a real must-have.
  • Oversized bags. For those who like to carry things with them for all occasions.
  • Colored bags. This trend is suitable for bright girls who are not afraid to mix shades in their image, but also for girls with a restrained style to add an accent to their outfit.
  • Unusual forms. When purchasing a bag of a complex shape, you should forget about practicality. Only style and beauty.

The choice is yours which bag to buy, and we brand Alessandra del Biondo will offer various options!

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