The perfect basic skirt — how to choose? Tips from a stylist


Do you have a lot of skirts, but don’t know what to wear every time? Familiar?

Or, on the contrary, are you just getting acquainted with the world of skirts and want to choose something truly universal? Then this article is for you.

Our brand stylist and creative designer, Maria Pushkina, shared a couple of tips for choosing a basic skirt:

  1. Decide on the length. It depends on how comfortable you feel, but mini and midi lengths give you more options in looks, maxi lengths look the same on any shoe, and wearing a mini skirt with high boots or sneakers can give you two different effects. Plus, the game with the color of tights does not lose its relevance.

  1. Prefer medium-weight fabrics, a versatile skirt is one that you can tuck into a blouse and it won’t show through, as well as wear loose clothing, such as a voluminous sweater or vest.

  1. The color of the base skirt is definitely a calm, muted tone. So you can come up with many interesting color combinations with the top. But do not rush to stop at the black version. We recommend looking at gray shades. They look noble and always fresh.

The choice of our WEAR IT brand team is a gray short skirt that is perfect for any look and occasion: for school, for a date, for work and for a walk.

With love, your WEAR IT


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