Summer trend — shoes with accent details: how to choose the perfect pair

Warmth is slowly but surely asserting its rights, so the season of sandals is declared open! The status of the main fashion trophy of the summer is claimed by shoes with accent details — chrome fittings, chains, unusually shaped heels. To help you before shopping — our express guide to key microtrends, and as a nice bonus — five trendy pairs for all occasions.Catchy shades

Sandals in rich colors continue to win the hearts of fashionistas. No wonder, because they are able to set the mood for even the most concise outfit! So, a mix of straight jeans and a basic T-shirt will turn into a date look, and a black sheath dress will turn into a thing that you can not get bored with. Special signs of a couple with a wow effect: thin straps, a square toe, a stable block heel and a trendy shade of youthful green. Chains and metal fittings

Chromed details and eye-catching links that complement classic smooth leather models are a trend that even die-hard fans of minimalism have embraced. Chains can be both independent elements crowning the ankles, and a continuation of the strap. Clogs of a brutal silhouette deserve special attention. In their example, you can see how the metal decor organically contrasts with the boiled white leather with a matte texture. You can wear them with denim, flying dresses, linen trousers in loose silhouettes and bermudas. Figured heels

This summer, heels take on the most intricate shapes, but the main thing is that the designers took care of their comfortable height. Now it’s not at all necessary to balance on dizzying stiletto heels – graceful kitten heels will be quite enough. The most popular model is a miniature curved heel in the spirit of Marie Antoinette, under which there were many noble admirers in the 18th century. These days, the French queen-inspired shoes have voluminous straps and bold gold chains. Platform

There is no doubt: platform shoes are celebrating their triumph this season. The aesthetics of the eighties has been embodied in a new format — as convenient and concise as possible. you can go on even the longest rendezvous around the city. Pair with any outfit: from pleated skirts and A-line dresses to casual trouser suits.

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