There are many types of men’s socks, let’s talk about what men’s socks are, and what we produce at the Zarechye factory.

Main differences between socks:

— Length

— Compound

— Functionality

— Seasonality.

Let’s start with the length of the socks, although the functionality sometimes depends on the length. Surely, you have noticed men in sneakers or sneakers on the streets of the city, but without socks. Let’s reveal a secret: they are still in socks, but in ultra-short ones, they are called footsies. They cover only the foot, in length much below the ankle. If you want to achieve the effect of «bare foot», then you need just such socks-footprints. So far there are no such products in the assortment of the Zarechye factory.

The next longest are short socks. They reach the ankle or slightly cover it. Short socks are comfortable to wear with sports shoes and in an informal setting. According to the business label, it is unacceptable to appear in a classic suit and short socks. Short socks are popular among young people and our factory produces them in 5 models.

The next type of socks are long. They are much higher than the ankle and long can reach the middle of the calf. These are just the socks that are most often found in a man’s wardrobe. It is long socks that we imagine when we hear the word «socks». Long socks are comfortable and appropriate to wear with any shoes, clothes and in any situation. They are suitable for both a classic suit and jeans. Versatile socks. Factory «District» produces a large number of long socks of different models and colors, go to our store and choose the right pair.

The rarest type of men’s socks are stockings. A specific type of socks worn either by athletes, for example, football players, or by people whose profession requires strict adherence to the classical style, for example, bankers, lawyers, members of the royal family. Golfs were originally worn under a classic suit, so that the socks do not roll down and there are no «wrinkles» on the socks, it looks unpleasant. Golfs are rarely produced, and mainly in the premium segment.

The composition of socks can be from 100% cotton to 100% polyester, they even come in bamboo. At the factory «Zarechye» we knit socks made of cotton with the addition of polyester or elastane in the ratio of 20-30% of the composition of the yarn. Many manufacturers do the same, it is rare to find exclusively natural yarn, such socks will last much less than socks with 20% elastane.

Cashmere, silk and alpaca wool are the premium sock materials. Cotton and bamboo are the middle segment.

Cotton socks are the most pleasant and versatile to wear. Feet in such socks practically do not sweat, and the skin breathes. Socks for hiking or sports are made with a high content of polyester and elastane (from 50%) in order to better remove moisture and dry faster.

As noted earlier, the Zarechye factory produces socks with a cotton content of 70% to 80%. This is the optimal ratio of cotton and elastane for high-quality hygroscopicity and long-term operation.

We will only write about seasonality that for the summer they choose very thin socks with a high content of cotton, and for the winter they are denser, with fleece. In summer, comfortable ultra-short, short and long socks. In winter, it is better to give preference to long socks and golfs to cover the ankles and not freeze. In the off-season, it all depends on your health and how hardened you are. We often meet men in short and thin socks in autumn and spring.

We hope that the choice of socks has become a little more pleasant and understandable for you.

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