How to create comfortable conditions for indoor plants?


Indoor plants are the same pets as dogs, cats or fish. They are not just decor and complement the beauty of the interior of the house. Plants require special attention and comfortable conditions. And in order for them to please us with their presence as long as possible, our task is to do everything possible for their comfort.

First of all, in order to preserve the image of a flower and prolong its life, the plant must be kept in a special container. These containers include pots, planters with automatic watering. What are their features and why you should pay attention to them, we will tell below.

Who is an automatic watering pot suitable for?

Often in our life there are situations when it is necessary to leave home for an indefinite period or a long planned vacation. Any long trip, hospital treatment, business trip in another country make us leave our indoor plants without our attention. It’s good when there is someone to ask to look after the flowers, but alas, not everyone has such an opportunity. For such cases, the ideal solution would be a pot with automatic watering. Thanks to the pot, indoor plants will not be left without attention and care. You can safely leave and not worry about your household.

What are the advantages of such products? In addition to caring for a houseplant, a self-watering pot has other advantages:

  • No need to constantly repot the plant

A lot of indoor plants are very whimsical and hardly tolerate transplantation. They can start to hurt, shed their buds and their leaves. Due to the special interchangeable drainage with slowly dissolving fertilizers, you can not rush to transplant the plant;

  • Facilitates flower transplantation

It won’t take much to get the soil out. For very whimsical and delicate indoor plants, this will be a huge plus;

  • Irrigation hole available

Pots with a drainage system have special holes. They are designed to drain excess water and bottom irrigation. Thanks to automatic watering, the liquid instantly reaches the roots, which keeps the soil loose for a long time.

Types of pots with automatic watering. There are many pots: large, small, tall, etc., but what you should pay attention to when buying is the material of the product. Pot with automatic watering can be made from:

  • tree

Pots made of such material look very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but if we talk about practicality, this is not the best option. In order for the tree to serve for a long time, it must be constantly treated with special impregnation. Then it will be possible to prevent the destruction of the tree from contact with moisture.

  • Ceramics

Ceramics is considered a noble and beautiful material. Such a pot will complement the interior of the house well. But do not forget that ceramics, the material is very fragile, it must be treated very carefully, as it is prone to scratches and chips.

  • Plastic

Pots with automatic watering made of durable plastic are gaining their popularity every day. A product made of such material is not whimsical in care, you can not be afraid that the sun’s rays, moisture or cold will somehow harm the pot. Even if suddenly someone touches the pot and it falls, it will still remain intact and can be used further. Also, to maintain a beautiful appearance of a plastic pot, it is enough just to wipe it with a damp cloth.

Based on all of the above points, we have found the perfect option for your favorite indoor plants.

The InGreen Root Watering Pot has exactly the features your household needs. The product is made of durable safe plastic, which can be placed in any corner of your home. Due to its compact size and volume, such a pot is suitable for any indoor plant.

The material of the pot is not afraid of sunlight, cold and moisture. Therefore, the look of the pot will always remain beautiful and stylish. The pot has drainage holes that allow excess moisture to escape, and with the help of a drip tray this moisture can be poured out without any problems. Thanks to the automatic watering function, your favorite plants will not be deprived of attention and will always be kept in comfortable conditions. You can go to visit relatives, on vacation, on a business trip, and the InGreen pot with root automatic watering will take care of your indoor plants.

Also, such a pot will be an excellent gift for both a professional flower business and beginner flower growers.

A pot with InGreen root automatic watering can be purchased by clicking on the product card at the link below:


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