With the advent of a trend towards a healthy and active lifestyle, it is increasingly possible to meet pets on vacation who are happy to accompany their owners. How to understand all the variety of accessories for animals and choose the right ones? In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right carrier for transportation.

WHERE TO START: Start by measuring your pet’s size. To measure body length, start at the chest and end at the tail. Height is measured from the floor to the withers (top of the back). After that, you need to measure the weight in order to correctly calculate the carrying capacity of the carrier.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE: Choose the ideal carrier size based on your pet’s measurements and then their weight. Make sure you don’t exceed the bag’s maximum weight capacity, and leave plenty of room for your pet to move around inside the carrier.

VERSATILE DESIGN: all bags are solid color, you can choose from six colors. Three bags made of eco-friendly smooth furniture matting in soothing colors: beige, dark blue, gray. Three bags in shiny nylon material in red, purple and cornflower blue.

PRODUCT DETAILS: size S: 22x22x36.5 cm, up to 3.5 kg. Size M: 24x24x40.5 cm, up to 5 kg. Size L: 26.5×26.x45 cm, up to 6.5 kg.

COZY AND COMFORT: carrying the brand «ORONGO» will ensure the safety and protection of your cat or dog! Large ventilation doors on both sides will protect them from overheating and ensure air circulation. The bottom of the bag has a rigid bet, the animal will feel comfortable on such a floor and not fall through.

PERFECT FOR TRAVELING: ORONGO carriers have a single long zipper with double sliders around the entire perimeter of the bag. For additional protection against escape, the zippers can be fastened with a small lock. Two side waters make it easy and convenient to load the animal inside. Thanks to the large mesh door, pets can see the outside world and experience less stress.

FEATURES: The practical carry bag has a waterproof bottom and top! Whether it’s a rainy day, or you’ve left the carrier in a puddle, or your pet accidentally messes up, you can unzip the zippers and unfold the bag completely for quick and easy wet cleaning.

MULTIPURPOSE: The pet carrier can also be used as a padded cage for regular walks, car trips and veterinary visits with cats and small dogs.

AIRLINE APPROVED: The ORONGO pet carrier has a classic arched shape with a built-in resilient plastic frame but is soft enough to lower the back of the carrier a few inches, meeting most major airlines’ requirements for under-seat placement. The requirements for the overall dimensions of the carrier according to the sum of three dimensions are different for all airlines, you must familiarize yourself with the rules for traveling with animals on the company’s website before the trip.

FOLDABLE DESIGN: Thanks to the long zipper, the carrier can be unfolded to a flat state and stored compactly on the cabinet shelf!

SHOP WITHOUT RISK: at ORONGO we care about your four-legged friend’s comfort just like you do! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your order, please contact our Quality Control Department by asking a question on the item card. We will respond to you on the same day and help you resolve any issue. You can also exercise your right to return the goods within 21 days after purchase.

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