How to choose the perfect summer dress


To choose a summer dress, you should choose the style, material and shade in accordance with your type of figure and, of course, preferences. In this article, we will tell you how not only to look amazing in a dress, but also to feel like a goddess!

We select the material

Summer is a wonderful time of the year when you can walk for hours under the warm sun, sunbathe and enjoy the light waves in the cool sea. But with such a long stay on the street, it is extremely important that the clothes are light, loose and allow your skin to breathe. In order for your dress to bring you not only pleasant emotions, but also a comfortable feeling from wearing, we advise you to pay attention to the following materials:

1. Cotton — a natural material from which charming summer dresses are most often made. Such popularity is due to several reasons: cotton is highly breathable and does not allow moisture to linger, making you feel much lighter even in hot weather! Cotton is allergy free and dries quickly, making it perfect for summer dresses! But also often it becomes the basis for dresses for going out!

However, along with the pluses, let’s pay attention to the minuses — cotton can wrinkle a lot when worn, and during washing there is a chance that a cotton dress can sit down. And if the first problem can only be reconciled, then it is very easy to prevent the second! Follow the washing recommendations indicated on the product itself, and then the cotton dress will delight you for many more years!

2. Linen. A natural material that has won the love of girls around the world due to its lightness and unusual texture! In addition, a women’s summer dress made of linen has a very high strength, it allows you to keep cool for a long time and does not shed at all. In them you feel complete freedom of action, because the body breathes, and a light dress feels especially pleasant on the body.

Like most natural fabrics, linen wrinkles a lot, but this does not prevent it from looking amazing and perfectly emphasizing your feminine look!

3. Viscose. This material cannot be called completely natural, because it is created artificially. However, this does not prevent him from perfectly absorbing moisture and passing air, allowing the body to “breathe”. Thanks to this, everyday dresses made of viscose have taken pride of place in the wardrobe of many fashionistas!

Another incomparable advantage that helped viscose appear in our top is the strength and durability of products. You can be sure that your dress will never get stains that ordinary powder can’t handle! This means that the product will emphasize your graceful figure for several more seasons!

How to choose a style and shade?

In this matter, it is very important to start from the advantages and disadvantages of your figure, as well as from your personal preferences! With a full figure, we recommend paying attention to long and loose dresses. Tight and very short dresses will look bad on the figure, because of which you will feel insecure, and a stylish dress will soon go to dust on the shelf.

We advise you to take your time and try on each dress that you like! This process is not only pleasant, but also very useful — which is why many online stores provide the opportunity to try on products before buying.

The Electrastyle brand, which has provided hundreds of girls with a trendy and elegant wardrobe, provides a huge range of dresses made from natural materials — cotton, linen and viscose. Their products are sewn in Belarus and are of high quality. Among the distinguishing features of dresses from the Electrastyle brand, one can single out the fact that they fit perfectly on the figure, the materials are pleasantly felt on the body, and the assortment includes models for both thin and full girls. Thanks to this, you can immediately evaluate how this or that dress will fit on your build!

We advise you to get acquainted with their assortment of clothes from Belarus and especially pay attention to long dresses in bright colors and with unusual details that are relevant this summer. Who knows, maybe among them will be the very dress that will make your appearance even more feminine and charming!


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