How to choose the perfect strap for Xiaomi Mi Band


Fitness bracelets Mi Band attract with their functionality, minimalist design and low cost. Tracker sales have reached incredible heights. The gadget was in the top sales of fitness devices in the world. Xiaomi is considered the king of the market, the Chinese giant, which no one has managed to get around yet.

«Mi Bands» are worn not only by beginners and amateurs, but also by professionals in sports. The functionality of the bracelets is enough to track your activity. This is a multifunctional and stylish solution that has a lot of opportunities for individualizing its owner. For example, an interchangeable dial and strap.

Accessories for Mi Band 3, 4 and Mi Band 5 available anywhere in the world through online stores. Wildberries, the largest trading platform in Runet, presents many spectacular straps for Mi Bandwinning against the background of the basic accessory, which usually lies in the box with the device.

There are poor quality straps for Mi Band, which quickly fail. They tear, stretch, fade and do not hold the module. Besides, bracelet for Mi Band may not match the style of its owner.

If you are really looking quality straps for Xiaomi Mi Band 4, 3 or Mi Band 5then this article is for you. In it, we will tell and show the best solutions for the iconic fitness tracker as part of Wildberry.

Bright Mi Band silicone straps

Xiaomi tracker sports straps will allow you not to be distracted by the accessory during training. Sports silicone strap for Mi Band 4, 5 or 3 will give the gadget a nice appearance, create an advantageous contrast with the skin and will not allow the module to leave your wrist.

Size is adjustable to fit any wrist. The material is hypoallergenic — people with sensitive skin will appreciate it.

Choose colored straps for Mi Band — create your own image. These are not standard black, white and red You are sure to find your favorite shade or shades. After all, silicone straps are available in different color combinations and their combinations. Choose several at once for different sets of clothes to always be on top.

All silicone straps are waterproof. The module is tightly inserted into the hole intended for it, and bracelet for Xiaomi Mi Band will stay securely on your wrist, no matter what you do with it.

Spectacular perforated bracelets

Mi Band silicone straps with perforation can be seen on the hands of many athletes. They are no less comfortable than ordinary silicone ones, but due to perforation they look more advantageous. In addition, there is an opinion that the wrist is more comfortable under a perforated bracelet.

The colors are very different — from concise gray to red. Choose a color according to your mood.

Myself perforated bracelet soft and elastic. It provides a pleasant feeling while wearing. Through holes provide moisture removal, which is important for active people. This creates the effect of dry skin.

For the manufacture of perforated models, hypoallergenic silicone is also used. These straps look dynamic. Perforated bracelets have become a new classic.

Unusual embossed straps

Outwardly, they do not look like the original ones due to their spectacular shape. At the same time, the silicone from which they are made is of the same high quality. There is a difference in rigidity, but there is none in terms of functionality. The material is also hypoallergenic and securely holds the module in its intended hole. The size is adjustable, the fastener is reliable — what you need for active and sports.

There are no restrictions on colors. Embossed straps for Mi Band 4, 3 made in all conceivable and inconceivable colors.

Cool Mi Band milanese straps

If you are tired of using silicone bracelets and want something more serious, then you are welcome. Switch to Milanese bracelets. The very ones that were successfully presented by the “apple” manufacturer, but for Xiaomi Mi Band.

The price is affordable and mi band strap Milanese loop Durable, comfortable to wear and easy to daily use. The buckle is reliable, the accessory is protected from falling. The device should not be damaged even in the most extreme conditions.

The unique texture and variety of colors give the bracelet individuality and solidity. There are a lot of color schemes that will suit everyone — teenagers, women and men. This is the very option that will look appropriate under any circumstances.

Metal bracelets for Mi Band differ from silicone in that they look more respectable in combination with everyday and evening wear. They are lightweight enough that you quickly forget that you have something on your hand. Users note that Milanese bracelets for Mi Band look elegant and at the same time suitable for sports.

This strap is a flexible stainless steel mesh band with a strong magnetic clasp. The metal strip has zero content of harmful or toxic substances. Strap Milanese loop has an anti-sweat coating and is protected from metal erosion. A dense mesh ensures the safety and reliability of your gadget. It is easily adjustable in length and is perfect for any wrist size.

Users note the ease of installing the device module into the strap. The Milanese bracelet features a magnetized clasp. The model is available in several colors and sizes.

Solid block strap

Block bracelet for Mi Band 4, 3 consists of hundreds of metal stainless parts. The links vary in size. The surface is textured, it pleasantly fits the wrist. The butterfly clasp securely fixes the accessory on the wrist. The size is adjustable without special tools. You can remove the plates and add new ones to them, which is very practical. The accessory will be appreciated by those who lead an active lifestyle and at the same time want to stand out from the rest of the athletes. The design is comfortable and lightweight, under it the hand does not sweat.

Innovative Nylon strap for Mi Band

These straps consist of hundreds of intricately interwoven and stretched threads. It’s like a Milanese bracelet, only without the metal. These straps are incredibly durable and dirt-resistant.

This option will seem unusual to many after a Milanese or silicone bracelet, but then it will be difficult to refuse it. The bracelet is dense, solid and strong. Nothing to do with the fabric, which is surprising. It sits close to the skin, but does not create a “greenhouse effect”. There are no traces of wearing.

Nylon strap for Mi Band looks unusual and fresh. On girls, by the way, pink and yellow straps will look great.


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