It’s deep autumn outside. Low temperature, cold wind, rain and snow will accompany us for several more months. But for children, the weather does not really matter, they, as always, want to walk, run through puddles and are not going to give up autumn street entertainment. But parents are more concerned, because in such weather the child can easily get wet, freeze and get sick.

In this article, we will tell you about what you should pay special attention to when choosing children’s shoes for a cold autumn. Following our advice, your child will always be comfortable and warm, which means that you will not need to worry about it.

So, everyone understands that shoes should be warm and protect the child’s legs from cold and moisture even in the most inclement weather, but what else is worth paying attention to?

one. Breathable materials

Children move a lot, which is why they sweat more than adults. Probably, many faced a situation when, while helping their child to undress after a walk on the street, they found that his socks were completely wet. This happens when the materials the shoes are made of do not allow air to circulate. Therefore, it is especially important that the materials are not just warm, but also maintain an optimal microclimate inside the boot.

The GORE-TEX membrane does a great job of this. Microscopic pores do not allow water droplets to get inside the shoe, but help the moisture released by the feet to be easily expelled to the outside. The child’s foot does not freeze and always remains dry.

2. Outsole with perfect grip

Puddles and ice can be a great danger, in this regard, in the cold season it is worth choosing shoes with embossed soles made of non-slip materials, but at the same time it should be light and as flexible as possible for the child’s free movement and better foot rolling.

3. Convenient clasp

Children do not like to fiddle with the clasp for a long time, their only desire is to quickly put on their shoes and run outside. And then, upon returning, also quickly remove it, because at home they are already waiting for other things. Therefore, we recommend simple but reliable fasteners. Elastic laces or Velcro are a great choice, they allow you to quickly put on shoes and fix the shoes exactly on the child’s foot.

Also, we want to tell you about the super cool BOA® speed lacing technology, which works with a simple rotation of the disk. Many snowboarders are familiar with the BOA® system, which makes it possible to fix the shoe on the foot in one step, even in difficult weather conditions — in cold weather and with thick gloves. Turned the wheel — and everything dragged on as it should. BOA® technology is perfect for kids — it allows you to lace up your boots in just one move, gives them independence as they no longer need adult help to put them on, and besides, it’s just fun and cool, it’s used by the best snowboarders.

four. Reflective materials

Every day it gets darker earlier, and even in the daytime, cloudy weather greatly impairs visibility. Reflective elements on the shoes protect your children, they can be seen even in the dark.

5. Optimal Height

In order for the leg not to freeze and no drops of water or snow particles get inside the boot, the shoes should be high and fit well on top of the leg. But this does not mean that the leg or fingers should be cramped, on the contrary, it is necessary to leave enough space for a free position.

6. And finally, for all the tips to work, choose the right socks!

Socks made from pure cotton absorb moisture and retain it, which can make a child’s feet wet and cold. The use of mixed materials will help to avoid this. The ideal content of cotton in the composition of socks for shoes with gore-tex is no more than 30%. Wool + synthetic socks also guarantee optimal balance, making them the best pair for shoes with a GORE-TEX membrane.

We hope that our advice will help when choosing shoes for your kids and make joint walks more comfortable, warm and cozy!

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