How to choose the perfect pan


The simple truth says: to make cooking from a routine into an exciting and creative process, make a choice in favor of high-quality and beautiful dishes. To make it easier for you to choose an excellent pan in which to fry your perfect cheesecakes or potatoes with a delicious crust, we have prepared a small guide for you.

Decide on the type of pan

Finding the perfect frying pan for all occasions is not an easy task. You can choose the right type of frying pan based on the dishes that you most often cook at home.

Classic-shaped frying pans are suitable for frequent daily use. It is convenient to fry scrambled eggs, meat and vegetables in them, as well as heat up main dishes.

Deep pans can be used as a saute pan. They are ideal for preparing dishes with a large number of ingredients. It is convenient to stew, simmer and sauté in them.

For frying pancakes and pancakes, it is best to use a pancake pan. Low sides make it easy to distribute the dough on the surface and make it easier to turn dishes.

If you like steaks, then pay attention to the grill pans. Thanks to the high ribs, a beautiful clear pattern in the form of appetizing stripes is formed on the dishes.

A wok pan with a small bottom and a wide top is suitable for cooking Asian cuisine. The main heat is concentrated in the center of such a pan, so you can quickly fry meat on it. The cooler edges of the pan are used for frying vegetables.

ATchoose material

Aluminum. Frying pans made of this material heat up quickly and evenly. They are lightweight and comfortable to use. Thanks to the non-stick coating, you can cook in such pans with a minimum amount of oil.

Steel. Steel pans are very strong and durable. However, cooking in a steel pan without a non-stick coating requires a lot of oil and special skill, as food burns quickly.

Cast iron. Cast iron pans take a long time to heat up and hold heat well. However, they are quite fragile, afraid of temperature changes and have a lot of weight, which is not very convenient in everyday life.

Choose your size A small frying pan up to 22 cm in diameter is convenient for cooking scrambled eggs, frying onions with carrots or warming up 1 serving of food. Average 22-26 cm is the most popular pan size. In such a pan, they usually cook food for the whole family, fry cutlets or pancakes. A large frying pan from 27 cm is indispensable for second courses in a large family or in anticipation of guests.

Check compatibility with your hob

Any frying pan is suitable for electric and gas stoves. Induction cookers will only be compatible with dishes whose bottom has magnetic properties.

Check the certificate of conformity

Do not purchase dishes of unknown origin, without the appropriate documents. Cooking utensils must have a certificate of conformity.

Well, the last and most important recommendation — choose pans from Esprado and always cook with convenience and pleasure!


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