How to choose the perfect lingerie for everyday wear

Many girls and women do not hesitate to buy underwear for their wardrobe, often sacrificing comfort for the sake of beauty. Underwear is such an important part of our clothing that the right choice of it must be conscious. It is important that the underwear is the right size for you, so that the feeling of comfort does not leave you throughout the day. If the choice is between natural and non-natural fabrics — give preference to the first. It is believed that the ideal underwear for every day is underwear made from natural cotton or bamboo. But this does not mean that the composition will be 100% cotton or bamboo, because the synthetic fibers added to the composition are needed to maintain the elasticity of the fabric and the shape of the linen. Usually, manufacturers add spandex, aka elastane, to cotton. The content of synthetic fibers in the composition should not exceed 10%, otherwise the skin will not breathe. With only 5% spandex in Nude pleasure, this is a great reason to wear our underwear every day.

From a hygienic point of view, skips and boxers are the most suitable for everyday wear. Panties should not dig into the skin with elastic bands or hang around the hips. As for the bra, it should ideally support the chest and not dig into the skin. An underwired bra with soft cups is perfect for this. If you have large breasts, then a bra with wide straps is a must. Invisible bras or corrective models for clothes with a deep neckline are not suitable for every day, because their task is to firmly hold the chest in place so that it does not show up in the neckline of the dress at the most inopportune moment, and not gently support it. In the Nude pleasure store you can find comfortable lingerie for every day with natural fabrics, different colors and models, so we are waiting for you in our store!

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