Leggings are worn by athletes and true connoisseurs of fashion. They are a type of tight-fitting pants. Professional trainers and athletes recommend leggings for sports, and fashionistas and women of fashion combine them in their bows. Leggings have a lot of advantages over other things: convenience, versatility, aesthetic appeal, usefulness.

It seems that choosing leggings is easy. However, how many of them are around now! Figuring out which one is right for you is not an easy task. If leggings are necessary for playing sports, and not just defiling around the gym, the issue of choice must be approached consciously.

  • Firstly, leggings for sports should be made of high-quality breathable fabric. Preference should be given to options from quick-drying fabric.
  • Secondly, the elastic band on the belt should not pull the waist, it is not aesthetically pleasing, and it will not lead to anything good.

  1. Style. Leggings can be of different lengths, the shortest option is cycling shorts. These are perfect for sports, if there is no load on the legs. Leggings up to the middle of the calf are considered medium length, they visually shorten the length of the legs, so they are less popular. Classic length — to the ankle. On some models, jumpers are made for the feet for a stronger fixation of this model.
  2. Landing. If leggings are needed for sports, then it is better to choose leggings with a high waist. These definitely will not slip with numerous squats. For a walk, you can choose the option with a low waist, but here it is advisable to take into account how the full image will look like.
  3. No seams. Leggings manufacturers took care of comfort, so they invented seamless leggings. Seamless leggings are great for yoga and fitness. The seams in this model are completely absent, so they will not hinder movement.
  4. Decor elements. For sports leggings, manufacturers choose a mesh as a decor, which allows the skin to breathe. The manufacturer also did not deprive fashionistas of attention, releasing leggings with leather inserts, locks, sequins, rhinestones and beads.
  5. Important is the color. Everyone can choose a color to their liking or, for example, choose a top that has already been bought. If a girl wants to hide figure flaws, it is better to give her preference to dark tones. As we know, black hides flaws in the figure. And vertical stripes on leggings visually lengthen the legs, stretching the silhouette.
  6. Ladies who are deprived of magnificent forms can choose a model of leggings with a Push Up effect. This model visually lifts the buttocks, makes their shape more attractive.
  7. Another important criterion is size. It is important to choose the right size leggings so that they are not too tight, but also do not hang on the model. Before buying leggings, it is advisable to try them on, test them. If the leggings will put pressure on the hips, you need to take a larger size. The owner of leggings should feel comfortable in them. They should not hinder movement and crash into the body.

Now you know what to focus on when choosing leggings, so finding the right model for you will not be difficult. And we have already created an ideal option in all respects! Take a look at our store, maybe you are looking for it for so long?

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