How to choose the perfect jeans for your perfect figure?

Rectangle does not have a clearly defined waist. Boyfriend jeans are simply made for those who have small breasts, straight hips and a flat butt. Also suitable skinny, which can emphasize the waist and hip line.

If you have wide hips, narrow shoulders, and a waist, you are pear. Skinny jeans, extra pockets and appliqué at the hips leave Kim Kardashian. For owners of a less popular fifth point, we advise you to pay attention to jeans with a flare from the knee or straight ones. To emphasize the waist, choose a high or medium rise.

inverted triangle characterized by broad shoulders, small hips and long thin legs. In this case, a balance is needed. Hide the top and enhance the hips with the low-waisted boyfriend model. A flare from the hip will also look good.

Apple has a small belly and thin legs. Our task is to make everyone around admire our long, slender legs. Therefore, we choose models that expand towards the bottom or straight. Properly selected jeans will divert attention from the slight roundness around the waist.

Now that you know what kind of fruit you are, catch a couple more life hacks:

  • When choosing jeans, pay attention to the composition. Girls with curves should choose cotton with stretch for a perfect fit;
  • If you want to demonstrate a toned body, choose a low fit. The middle one is universal, it suits almost everyone, and most importantly, it doesn’t shock grandmothers near the entrance, unlike the low one (they just moved away from the zero fashion). High masks small errors in our figure and lengthens the legs;
  • Color. Everything is simple here. Light adds, dark visually removes a few cm.

Now you are ready to choose your perfect match. May you have a match!

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