How to choose the perfect dress for spring?


With the advent of spring, we take off dark voluminous sweaters and we really want to add something colorful, light, feminine to our image! I want to emphasize the waist, make up the lips and add a little highlighter so that it definitely glows in the sun. For such images, most often girls choose dresses, because in them you feel especially feminine. Agree, not a single image with trousers will give that feeling of femininity, tenderness and lightness, like a dress!

That is why we have prepared for you the Checklist «How to choose the perfect dress for spring?», in which we have collected practical advice from stylists and ordinary girls so that the dress pleases you and you can wear it as often as possible.

1. The dress should be chosen in light shades. Avoid black, burgundy, dark green, brown, mustard. It is better to stop at white, blue, pink, yellow, light green, beige colors. It is in these colors that you will feel happier.

2. The dress should be versatile and go well with other items in your wardrobe. For example, a fitted dress can be equally worn with an over-sized jacket and a cropped leather jacket. It is also better to buy a dress that can be worn to work with pumps, for a walk in the park with sneakers and in the evening for an event with heels. Yes, such universal dresses exist! For example, the polka dot dress from Blaze Brand goes well with different styles of clothing and is suitable for different occasions.

3. The fabric of the dress must be of high quality, medium density. You should not choose too warm and too light dresses, because in spring the weather is changeable. It is important that you are not cold or hot. Also, make sure that the fabric does not wrinkle too much, this can cause additional discomfort.

4. Choose a dress according to the type of figure, do not chase trends. Believe me, you will look much more spectacular in a dress that fits perfectly on you and emphasizes the dignity of the figure.

5. The dress should be chosen based on your rhythm of life. If you are active, often spend time driving or with a child in the park, you should choose a knee-length dress and below, fitted, free cut. And if you work in an office and often attend business negotiations, a more formal restrained dress will suit you.

We hope that with the help of this checklist you will choose the very dress in which you will be irresistible!


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