How to choose the perfect coat for autumn?


How to choose a women’s coat for autumn?

A mid-season coat is the most versatile tool in a fall wardrobe, but is it easy to find the right one?
So that the coat becomes not a spare option for warm clothes that you put on with the thought “it will go like that”, but the main thing in the autumn wardrobe capsule. A coat, putting on which you will forget the thought «if only you don’t meet anyone.» Is it easy? — we answer: “Yes! Easily!».

Latika has identified three rules for choosing the perfect coat. By matching them, you will be able to provide yourself with the most confident gait this fall:

1. If you want to look stylish, you must go with the flow of trends, fashion. We are not talking about fanaticism, of course, but you must admit that all new trends are so juicy, so bright …
When choosing your perfect coat, pay attention to current trends. This autumn, long demi-season women’s coats, English collar, emphasis on sleeves are very relevant.
Pastel shades of outerwear are in fashion, which are perfect for any item from your wardrobe.

2. Don’t forget about comfort! No matter how beautiful, stylish, trendy a coat is, if you put it on, but you don’t feel comfortable, everything is gone.
Yes, beauty requires sacrifice, but we live in a century of great competition, and if you liked the coat, but you didn’t feel comfortable in it — no problem, you can find similar coats elsewhere. Respect your comfort!

3. Pay attention to the composition of the coat. If you want to enjoy a street walk not only at +10, but also at -15, then pay attention to the composition of the demi-season coat.
Pay attention to the coat, the wool content of which will be at least 50%, but do not forget about polyester. If there is no polyester, your coat will not be comfortable, and what do we already know about comfort?

By adhering to the rules we have deduced, you will be able to choose the perfect women’s demi-season coat.
And we will help you with this. The Latika women’s clothing catalog contains several coat models that fit all three criteria, BUT THIS IS NOT ALL …
Latika women’s demi-season coat is not only perfect in all respects, but also ideal for the price.

You can buy Latika women’s classic coat with a 55% discount for only 6200₽!!

Hurry up to buy, the quantity is limited.

With love for you and your comfort,


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