How to choose the perfect bathrobe for your home? Telling life hacks


When it comes to clothing for the home, comfort is always the first requirement. After office hairpins and tight ties, we want to feel ourselves in the comfort zone, wrap ourselves in something soft that does not restrict movement. And in the morning, such clothes will help you tune in to the upcoming day, meeting him in a great, cheerful mood. At the same time, clothes for the home should be beautiful — and ideally new, and not past fire, water, copper pipes and solemnly transferred to the status of home.

Comfortable clothes for home

If you decide to update your home wardrobe to please yourself and your household, be sure to pay attention to this type of home uniform, such as robe. It is difficult to think of something more cozy and comfortable than this piece of clothing — in winter you can wrap yourself in it from head to toe, and in summer you can put on a light, breathable model and enjoy absolute comfort. Before you buy home bathrobe read our article — in it we will tell you in detail about all the subtleties that need to be taken into account.

Dressing gown material and fabric type

The most important characteristics of a dressing gown are the material and type of fabric. These two concepts should be distinguished: speaking of material, we mean raw materials, it can be

  • natural
  • synthetic

Synthetic products do not require special care, are easy to wash and are relatively inexpensive. However, such a material is not able to absorb moisture and let air through — it will be useless after a bath, it will be hot in summer and cold in winter. In the case of home clothes, which should provide maximum comfort, it is better give preference to natural materials — namely cotton. It is durable, hypoallergenic and retains its shape well.

How to choose the size of the bathrobe

It is quite simple to choose a bathrobe in size — choose the same size that you are used to wearing in the case of regular clothes, or one size larger. The main parameter that you should focus on when choosing a bathrobe in an online store (or when choosing a gift for another person) is the volume of the most prominent part of the figure (chest or stomach) at its widest point. Divide the resulting value by two and you will get your Russian size. If you have a borderline size, then it is better to opt for a larger one (and sometimes you can add two sizes for convenience)

Gifts for loved ones

We would like to remind you that a bathrobe is a great gift for any occasion, which will certainly be appreciated by people of any age and gender.

In Luxury and BEAUTY! Will not leave anyone indifferent!


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