How to choose the perfect basic shirt?


Girls! In this article, we will answer two questions:

  1. What is a boyfriend shirt?
  2. And where can a girl 180-190 cm tall get such a boyfriend so that his shirt looks perfect on her?

So! A boyfriend shirt is such a loose shirt that you seem to have taken off a man’s shoulder. By the way, one of the most practical and relevant styles today!

What should be the right boyfriend shirt?

▪️Simple cut. Without unnecessary straps, details, complicated collars and cuffs

▪️Slightly dropped shoulder. What for? And to make it seem that the shirt is a little too big for you, and you will be more fragile and feminine in it

▪️She is long! Confidently covers the ass (Even on tall girls!). Wear it out or dress it up))

▪️Correct fabric. First, the natural composition: 95% cotton and 5% lycra. Lycra — to make the fabric softer and more flowing. Secondly, it does not shine through.

▪️Sleeves are long. We want a more businesslike look — we fasten the cuffs. We want a little relaxation — we unbutton, wrap the sleeves

The second question is where to find the perfect girl for a tall girl. loose shirt? If you are tall, not every men’s shirt will have long enough sleeves and the right length … And if you take a large size, then the shirt will sit on you with a huge parachute …

EVERY PERSON is a brand that creates clothes especially for tall girls from 180 to 190 cm.

The boyfriend shirt from the brand’s range is designed specifically for the female figure, but cut as if you took it off a man’s shoulder. Long, dropped sleeves, loose fit, large pocket… There are slits on the sides so that only part of the shirt can be tucked in, and nothing bulges.

In short, the perfect basic thing! These take two pieces at once, so that for centuries!


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