• Always pay attention to fit and cut

This is important for those who shop online. Landing is: high, medium, low. You need to know what suits you best, optimally when the jeans end at the navel or a little higher.

The cut of jeans on the leg varies from narrowed (skinny) to wide (boyfriends). The most practical and complimentary for any figure are semi-adjacent regular classic jeans, they are also called Slim Fit or Regular Fit.

Also, to the bottom of the knee, jeans can be straight, tapered or flared. Straight and tapered models are the most versatile options.

  • Keep track of where the back pockets are

So that the butt is not visually flat during the fitting, look at the back pockets. They should be at the level of the buttocks, not lower. There is also a little secret — large pockets make the gluteal muscles larger, all of a sudden you want just such an effect.

  • Jeans should not be large in the waist

Do not think that it will be more convenient for you to fill T-shirts and cardigans in them, or a belt will help you out, because an ugly fold will form. In this case, you need to refrain from buying or adjust the waist fit in the atelier.

  • Be sure to look at the side seam when trying on.

If he starts to curl up and ride on the lower leg, the legs will visually appear uneven. Remember — the seam should go clearly in the center of the leg.

  • Choosing the wrong size jeans is a bad idea

Buying a new thing that is hopelessly small so that the novelty becomes your motivation to lose weight is a real self-deception. Also, when looking for fashionable voluminous jeans, you should not take 2-3 sizes more, they will look baggy.

Take your size to wear here and now!

  • Classic models over which time has no power:

  • straight fit jeans

This is the most unpretentious silhouette in the fashion world. They suit most body types and can be worn with absolutely any accent tops, shoes and outerwear.

  • skinny

A basic model that emphasizes the beauty of slender legs that women of any size can have. It is recommended to wear with an elongated top that covers the crotch area, skinnies are also combined with any shoes and are perfectly tucked into boots.

We hope that now it will be easy for you to make the right choice and find your perfect pair of … jeans.

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