How to choose a posture-safe school backpack?


We, the Vitebsk firm Polikom, have been producing school backpacks in Belarus for more than 15 years, focusing on the needs of children and their parents. During this time, we managed to develop the ideal formula: to create a backpack that is comfortable, durable and safe for posture. Thus, the main features of our backpacks are: a rigid anatomically shaped back, light weight (620 grams), soft wide adjustable straps with a chest strap, wear-resistant waterproof fabric, reflective elements, optimal size and functionality and, finally, a stylish and attractive appearance.

Previously, only Belarusian schoolchildren wore our backpacks with pride and pleasure, but since 2021, thanks to Wildberries, you can order a Polycom school backpack from anywhere in Russia and beyond. We love to talk about our products, how and what our backpacks are made of. Below you can read more about each of the elements.

The backs are made of molded foam material by a Minsk firm that molds bra cups for Milavitsa and other lingerie manufacturers. The material is environmentally friendly and has a light weight: the back is rigid, the load is distributed evenly, and does not cause discomfort due to its anatomical shape.

Wide soft straps are doubled with a three-layer mesh and have a secret pocket for money, cards, travel cards or passes. A prerequisite for each school backpack is the presence of an adjustable chest strap, which allows you to transfer part of the load to the chest and securely fix the straps while wearing.

The third component is a wear-resistant impregnated fabric. It is completely waterproof, easy to clean with a soapy brush and dries quickly. The most important thing is that the fabric does not lose its properties over time, so even after 3/4 years the backpack will look great and will be able to serve another student! The fabric has been repeatedly tested for breaking loads, abrasion and has a safety certificate.

The capacity of the backpack is sufficient for grades 1-4. The backpack has an optimal size and «sits down» on a child of any build. There are reflective elements on four sides for safety. Places of loading: the handle and straps are reinforced with a special bartack seam. The backpack is functional, devoid of unnecessary details and has everything you need: side pockets for water, an organizer and a compartment for notebooks inside, a tight carrying handle and a loop for hanging, and legs at the bottom will help keep the look.

Backpacks are decorated with modern pictures. When planning production, we consulted with the future owners of backpacks: they are aware of the current fashion for cartoon characters and films. Therefore, our backpacks have a great chance of becoming a first-grader’s favorite thing and creating pleasant associations with study. After all, it is a great success — if your child likes to learn. And even such a simple thing as a school backpack can play a role in this for a first grader.

We are confident in our products and give a guarantee of 150 days on September 1st. Buying a Polycom school backpack, you make the right choice: save time looking for that very backpack (here it is!) and money (one backpack will last you 3-4 years), and also take care of your child’s healthy posture! Thank you for reading this article to the end, we will be glad to see you among our customers and we promise not to disappoint!


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