How to choose a men’s leather backpack

A leather backpack is the basis of a casual male look. In the fast-paced city life, roomy leather backpacks are simply irreplaceable. From the material of this article you will learn what they are, what are the pros and cons, as well as the features of the choice.

Advantages and disadvantages

Men’s leather backpacks have many advantages. They are distinguished by:

  • convenience and aesthetic appeal;
  • reliability, practicality and durability;
  • variability of design and color schemes;
  • capacity, ease of care and stylish look;
  • variability of purpose and capacity;
  • the use of high-quality fittings;
  • variety of size group, shape, cut;
  • relevance to different styles of clothing.

Men’s leather backpacks are suitable for the stronger sex of different ages. They can be worn by students, high school students, office workers, business people. Such accessories can give status to the image of a young and imposing man. At the same time, certain types of products are made with an orthopedic back, which reduces the load on the spine.

Men’s backpacks are also convenient because they free your hands, and in addition, they are roomy organizers. Depending on the model, they can carry tablets, laptops, business papers. At the same time, they look more advantageous than the usual portfolios that do not paint the male image. You can wear them with different clothes. Separate models are equipped not only with pockets for chargers and gadgets, but also with secret compartments for storing money, as well as cords for connecting headphones or charging a phone, which is worn inside the backpack itself.

These are functional elements of the image that increase comfort and are at the peak of the fashion wave. Along with the advantages, leather backpacks also have disadvantages. For example, they are not at all universal in size, they are selected according to the height and build of a particular person. In addition, not all products are convenient in practice. You need to buy them with a mandatory fitting. At the same time, products made from natural raw materials are not cheap.


Today, the assortment of men’s accessories stores presents a lot of leather backpacks of various shapes and purposes. The attention of buyers is offered products of mass production and handmade. In the lines of brands there are classic products for men and backpacks, bags, products with hard and soft backs. Conventionally, the entire range of products produced can be divided into several groups:

These are styles for work, leisure, daily use, models with an ergonomic fit, transformers, backpacks on one shoulder.

Product sizes (length, height and depth) can be standard, small and large. This allows you to choose one or another product for specific needs and clothes.

Backpacks can have different types of fasteners and pockets. Some options for men’s backpacks do not differ from the usual sports styles. Others do not have zippers and are fastened with belts. In others, the zippers are hidden inside the product. This allows you not to worry about the safety of the contents, moving around the city.

The type of straps is also different. They can be dense and thin, short and long, providing for wearing not only on the back, but also on one shoulder. Products differ in purpose. Some of them are suitable for everyday wear and are as functional as possible. Others are designed for an average level of filling. In addition, there are options on sale that resemble classic bags, fastened according to the principle of a valve and belts. At the same time, the products differ in the cut style. In one case, this is a classic strict design, in the other — sports style styles, in the third — business, as well as informal. Casual style models are bought for different occasions (visiting leisure centers, walking, going to a cafe).

Options in the form of a portfolio are relevant for business people. In such backpacks you can carry documents, gadgets, key holders. Urban style products are universal, they can have a double bottom. Due to this, they are suitable for study, trips, picnics, hiking and family walks in the fresh air.

Skin types

Men’s leather backpacks are made from natural and artificial raw materials. In production, animal skin and its synthetic analogue (leatherette or eco-leather) are used. Each type of material has its own performance characteristics, pros and cons.


Genuine leather is distinguished by pleasant tactile sensations, it is considered a prestigious and luxurious material. It is strong, elastic, durable, practical. Its only drawback is the high price. In production, calf, sheep, bull skin is used. It is not afraid of temperature changes, retains its shape and attractive appearance.


Synthetic leather or leatherette differs from its natural counterpart in less durability. She has a different type of base on which polymer coatings are applied. The quality, practicality, strength and extensibility of raw materials depend on the base material, and the main advantage is an affordable price. However, in comparison with genuine leather, artificial leather is less durable, and during operation it can become covered with cracks.

Design Options

Design solutions for men’s leather backpacks can be very diverse. In the assortment of manufacturers there are models of plain and with a print. Their shape is classic rectangular, less often almost square.

Some styles are baggy and have a rounded bottom. Prints of men’s backpacks are different. This is a characteristic embossed pattern of genuine leather, and a recognizable print of a brand. In addition, it can be a trademark logo. Almost the entire range of products has manufacturer’s patches. Depending on the design, the product can be decorated with a variety of accessories (rivets, buttons, buckles, metal locks, tassels on zippers). At the same time, products are often equipped with internal secret pockets for carrying money or other important small items.

The colors of the products also differ. On sale you can find not only traditional black, but also brown, and even blue men’s backpacks. In addition, the stores sell products in brown, beige, gray, sand, orange, cognac colors. Model sizes can be large or small.

How to choose?

When choosing a men’s leather backpack, you need to pay attention to several factors. A fashion accessory speaks about the tastes of the owner, emphasizes his individuality. It should look expensive and presentable, be a worthy alternative to a bag or briefcase. When buying, you need to proceed from functionality. The shape and degree of rigidity of the models are different. You need to buy the product that is necessary for a specific purpose. For example, for carrying a camera, a model with compacted walls is preferable.

The backpack should guarantee the safety of the things carried. If a backpack is bought to carry a laptop, it is important to choose the right model size, identical to the diagonal of the laptop. The equipment should optimally fit tightly inside the accessory, the laptop should be fixed. At the same time, the presence of a reinforced bottom, a rigid straight back and a perforated surface are also considered important criteria. It is also advisable to buy products with an additional fastening on the belt, which reduces the load on the body.

If the dress code allows, you can buy a business-size model for carrying documents and other items. In this case, you need to buy a product with an optimally rigid shape. A soft bag type backpack is not suitable for such needs. It is impossible to carry documents inside it, they will surely be rumpled.

Worthy of buying backpacks-folders. They can safely transport not only soft documents, but also ironed shirts. Such products look stylish, modern, they bring aesthetics and individuality to the male image. A leather backpack is bought by those who care about their image. Therefore, the brand is also important, a quality and durable product. The product is selected taking into account the status of wardrobe items.

A branded backpack looks appropriate in combination with clothes of the same status. The budget option is bought for appropriate clothing. At the same time, style is of particular importance: adherents of the classical style need strict models, for the image of a city dweller they take sports style products. It is important to choose the right volume. An everyday model does not have to be bulky at all. Depending on the needs, the volume can be small (about 5 liters).

The practicality of the product, the presence of a dense waterproof lining, the ability to adjust the straps are important. Looking closely at a particular model made of leather or eco-leather, you need to pay attention to the presence of a laptop compartment and a USB port, as well as the convenience of organization. Ideally, you should buy anatomically comfortable options with secret pockets for carrying valuables. Hardware materials must also be of high quality and durable.

For some buyers, it is extremely important that the backpack has an additional handle on the side, and the shape of the product itself is streamlined. In addition, the best type of straps is considered to be, in which the thickness is at least 1 cm. Optimally wide and thick straps reduce the load on the back. Models with a two-way type of lightning are also good, as well as a department for two laptops of different sizes.

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