How to choose a makeup bag for travel

A practical cosmetic bag has long ceased to be an exclusively female accessory. Its water-repellent impregnation or waterproof lining protects other items in the bag from the possible leakage of liquid cosmetics. Therefore, the cosmetic bag is especially convenient to use on the road to store many useful things. How to choose the right model?

flat or voluminous

A small flat cosmetic bag can easily fit into any bag. It is especially convenient to store documents, cash and cards in it. Volume cosmetic bag is suitable for transportation of cosmetics, medicines, hygiene products. Experienced travelers for short trips take samples of shampoo, shower gel, cream, etc. with them. Then everything you need can easily fit in one cosmetic bag, and the total weight of luggage is reduced by 1-2 kg.

With one branch or with several

When planning a short trip, you can get by with the simplest cosmetic bag for the necessary minimum. For long trips, an accessory with several compartments is more convenient to spread out all the items in a convenient order for you. Outside pockets store items that are needed more often. In pockets that do not close, it is better to put something that cannot slip out or is of little value, such as cotton pads or paper napkins. Jewelery and valuables should be stored in zippered compartments.

Cosmetic organizer

For transportation of cosmetics, a cosmetic organizer bag with many pockets is especially convenient. It folds up compactly and saves space in your suitcase. And when unfolded, it turns into a ready-made and already filled with the necessary things organizer that can be hung on a hook in the bathroom, fasten a small mirror and feel anywhere, like in a familiar bathroom, where you have everything you need.

One or more

A cosmetic bag does not have to be alone! It is very convenient to allocate a separate one for drugs and medical supplies, another one exclusively for cosmetics and environments.

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