How to choose a bag: reviews of women’s bags

Stylish, practical, comfortable, beautiful, roomy — the requirements of modern girls for bags are growing, and the choice is becoming more and more complicated. What color to choose, what model will be successful, what is better to buy for special occasions, and what to leave for daily use? These questions regularly arise in the minds of beautiful ladies, but today we will help you choose an option that will become a universal addition to any look.

Basic universal bags.

All the fashion stores went through in search of a handbag, but the model was not found? You probably just don’t know yet which option will become universal and will fit almost all of your outfits. There are several selection criteria.

  1. Color. Among the classic color schemes, accessories are black, beige, gray and white. By the way, it was white bags that became the absolute trend of 2022 — they look luxurious, but at the same time do not overload the image.
  • The form. What image and style of life do you lead? It is better for a business woman to buy a strict bag, a young mother — an ergonomic backpack, and a romantic nature with a lot of things — a playful handbag of an unobtrusive color.
  • Individual parameters. Too big bags are absolutely not suitable for girls of small stature. It is better to give preference to clutches, miniature backpacks or small shoppers.
  • Texture. Textured handbags made in one color are back in fashion. For example, a small cross-body bag made of genuine grained leather will suit absolutely any style — the model is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also comfortable, a large shopper bag made of crocodile-embossed suede will become a bright accent and make any look more attractive. Handbags made of smooth leather are timeless classics, elegance and style.
  • What is better to give up?

    If you’re determined to get a bag that will go with your entire wardrobe, we advise you to forego the frilly products presented in bright colors. The option is far from the most practical — it can fit a maximum of two images. If you choose between bags made of genuine leather and artificial material: remember that the first option is much more reliable, because such an accessory will last for many years without losing its original appearance.

    Our editors are sure that after a detailed guide on choosing a universal basic bag for every day, you will be able to find exactly the accessory that will not only be an excellent addition to the image, but will also last for many years. Fortunately, a huge range of women’s bags in the Paprika Bag Italy store allows you to give free rein to your imagination and your own desires — there are no restrictions.

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