A measuring cup is an indispensable tool in your kitchen.

There are such tools in the kitchen, without which more than one preparation of your favorite dishes can not do. A measuring cup belongs to such inventory, as it is necessary for every housewife, when cooking, to please her family.

It is clear that everyday dishes can be prepared by eye, but there are recipes that require strict adherence to all proportions. After all, if one of the ingredients is not reported or, on the contrary, overdone, you can spoil the whole dish. Below are the criteria by which you can choose the best measuring cup for yourself.

  • The presence of a measuring scale

There must be a measuring scale on the measuring cup. With it, you can measure any product, both liquid and dry. It can be oil, water, vinegar, milk, kefir, salt, sugar, seasonings, spices, baby formula, various cereals and much more.

  • Product material

The most popular and demanded material is plastic. The measuring cup should be made of durable food safe plastic so that it can be used by children. After all, as you know, small children also love to show their culinary skills. Plastic is easy to care for, it does not absorb odors, does not deform at high temperatures, it can be washed in a dishwasher.

  • Convenience and comfort in use

The most convenient and optimal volume of a measuring cup is 500 milliliters. A glass with such a volume will not take up much space in your kitchen. It can be left both on the countertop and put away in the kitchen cabinet. The presence of a spout and a comfortable handle are one of the important criteria when choosing a measuring cup. They are much better to work with and cook with.

Besides the kitchen, the measuring cup can be used in other places as well. It can be a bar, restaurant, cafe. In such establishments, cocktails, main dishes and desserts are prepared using a measuring cup. Also in laboratories, such a tool as a measuring cup is needed. When mixing chemical elements, it is very important to follow the grammar in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

The Lucky Friday Mixing and Whipping Measuring Cup has all of the above qualities.

The 0.5 ml jug is made of durable food-grade plastic, it is safe and can be used by children. There is a measuring scale on the glass, it is convenient to hold it in your hand, it is easy to clean, it does not absorb food odors. All this will ensure comfortable use of the kitchen tool for many years.

Suitable as a gift for a housewife or just someone who loves to cook.

To purchase a convenient 0.5 liter kitchen measuring cup, you can click on the product card link below:

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