5 tips for choosing the perfect handbag


A bag is an accessory that no woman can do without. And the choice of this element of the wardrobe must be approached with all care and attention. Where do you start when choosing the perfect bag?

  • The size

A bag for every day should not be large or very small. It is recommended to choose a medium size. It should fit the most basic things that you use during the day: a notebook, wallet, keys, phone and lipstick.

To determine the optimal parameters of the bag, you need to visually divide your height into 4 parts. The size of the bag should fit ¼ of your body. Petite girls should prefer small bags, or at least a little smaller than average. And vice versa, a small handbag for a girl with forms will emphasize this contrast and make the figure even heavier.

  • The form

The bag should be the most correct shape: not hard, but not soft. It is not necessary that the bag was with a rigid frame. It may simply be made of dense hard leather. The main thing is that when you put the bag, it does not fall and does not lose its shape from the things placed in it.

  • Quality

The basic bag should be of good quality, preferably made of genuine leather. Such a bag will not be cheap, but it should be noted that a quality bag with proper care will last you a long time.

Pay attention to the fabric of the lining and how the handles are sewn on. The lining should not be thin, bulge, interfere with fasteners. The shoulder strap and handle of the bag must be firmly sewn on and attached. Their color should be practical, and the coating functional. It will be a shame if the gilding is worn off in a few days, and the handles or the belt come off.

  • Color

The color of the bag should be in harmony with the colors in your wardrobe.so it’s best to choose muted shades from your color palette. Muted colors are ideal for a casual bag: gray, taupe, beige, gray-blue.

If possible, we advise you to have another bag in a bright color.. After all, a bright summer bag, or an ultra fashionable backpack not only cheer up at the right time, but also put an emphasis on the image. Do not forget about women’s tricks. You can «link» a bag with items of clothing using hanging ornaments or a scarf.

  • accessories

The color of the accessories on the bag is also of great importance. Rivets and fasteners should be as neutral as possible.

The most versatile fittings are muted silver or gold. They are not very shiny and not too bright. Choose bags with accessories of the metal color (gold, silver, copper) that prevails in your jewelry: earrings, bracelets, watches.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will definitely find your perfect bag! Add us to your favorite brands and choose comfortable shoes!


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