The structure of the genitourinary system and the structure of the genital organs of the strong half of humanity are such that there should be no squeezing, overheating, air ventilation is necessary and at the same time it is warm. In order to avoid problems with erectile, reproductive functions and urination, it is necessary to choose the right underwear.

Not every modern man knows that the right choice of clothes begins in childhood. After all, the boy’s genitourinary system is developing and it is very important that the testicles are in the right conditions. The main thing is to pay attention to this moment — the panties on the hips should be located freely, not tighten the scrotum, and it is better if there is a special pocket for it. These models are offered by Daitres.

The main indicators when choosing men’s underwear

Doctors give recommendations on what underwear is useful for men to wear. Of course, everyone chooses what is preferable to him, but be sure to pay attention to comfort, hygiene features and the situation for which underwear is purchased. Therefore, the main indicators in the selection of underpants are the following:

  • hygienic (choice of material and model);
  • anatomical (correct location of the scrotum, air circulation, avoidance of sweating, diaper rash, rubbing);
  • purpose (everyday wear, taking into account the type of clothing and the temperature of the surrounding room, sleep, sports);
  • age (choice of style, color, fit).

How to choose the right underpants for men

From the point of view of physicians, when choosing underwear, one should be guided by the fact that it does not tighten or squeeze the organs.

A few simple rules, which include recommendations from doctors, which underpants are better for men to wear:

It’s always best to try on before buying. Sometimes looks can be deceiving and underwear may not be suitable.

It is better to choose the size, it should not be very tight or hang freely (tight underpants can not only rub and crush, but also cause irritation). It is important to distinguish between clothing for sleeping (should be loose) and waking.

Consider what clothes the underwear will be worn under (if loose trousers or jeans, boxers are suitable, if tight-fitting trousers — briefs, thongs, hips).

It is important to understand the height of the underpants and the clothes under which they are taken, it is better to buy with a lower fit in order to avoid the ridiculous look of underpants “peeping out of the pants”.

Linen, from the point of view of hygiene, should be changed often, so it is better to buy it more often, albeit a little. Shorts that have lost their shape should be replaced with new ones.

Be sure to consider what fabric panties are made of. It is better to give preference to pure cotton or bamboo fabric, at most with the addition of a small percentage of elastane, than to synthetic fabrics. There will be no excessive overheating, sweating and the formation of bacteria harmful to health.

The quality of tailoring is no less important than the choice of fabric itself. Proper seams and a comfortable cut will contribute to comfort and prevent chafing.

Should men wear underwear?

A question that arises quite often and requires the advice of urologists and andrologists, although everyone decides for himself whether it is necessary to wear panties? Recently, it has become fashionable not to wear them at all, but you should consider why panties are still needed:

  • hygienic considerations, first of all (prevention of the spread of pathogenic microbes, the development of skin diseases due to contact with the tissues of outerwear, violations of the genitourinary function);
  • aesthetic views — well-chosen options emphasize and support the dignity of a man, hide figure flaws, and attract sexually.

Some doctors also recommend that men sleep naked or in loose-fitting underpants for comfort and relaxation of the organs.

Daitres underwear for men’s health

Daitres, taking into account all the recommendations of modern medicine, has developed special shorts for the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Their main difference from other manufacturers is a special pocket for the convenience of the genitals, which creates a lower temperature in the scrotum, ventilation, and excludes contact with other parts of the body (sweating, rubbing). It is this know-how of the company that guarantees that with the constant use of Daitres underwear, testosterone production is normalized!

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