Turban as the main trend of the season


A turban is an unusual accessory with oriental roots. Initially, it was worn by the peoples of North Africa, Asia, Arabia and India. For them, the turban was a functional accessory: with the help of it, people protected themselves from the beach sun. Gradually, the fashion for turbans migrated to Europe, where they began to wear this headdress for the sake of aesthetics.

Previously, the turban periodically appeared at fashion shows, but it has received real recognition only in recent years. And if a couple of years ago turbans and turbans were considered an extravagant accessory for the brave, now they have entered our wardrobes. These hats look great in casual or evening style.

We use mainly cotton and silk fabrics in our Spring-Summer collection. In such a turban, it is comfortable in a windy spring and not hot under the scorching summer sun.

Variegated combinations and bright colors are a priority this season. These options are perfect for a party or casual style.

Leopard print also does not fade into the background and is used in many accessories, including hats. So if you are hesitant to add a leopard print dress or sundress to your wardrobe, then a stylish headdress will be a great alternative.

Accessories such as a turban or a turban will complement any look and make it special!

With love, ALIRENE!


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