Trend of the season: with what images to wear an aroma bracelet?


Smell plays a huge role in the perception of our image by others. An aroma bracelet has become an excellent solution for many girls lately. About how to wear it correctly and what images to choose, we tell in this article.

What is an aroma bracelet and what are its advantages?

Leather bracelet on hand Lauraveroni is an exquisite piece of jewelry from the Women’s Jewelry category: stylish, light and elegant. The set of this aroma decoration includes 8 multi-colored felt pads and aroma oil free.

The principle of use is very simple — just add a couple of drops of oil or perfume to an aromatic diffuser. And you can enjoy your favorite aroma all day long, while delighting those around you. Despite the fact that the «epicenter» of the smell is located on the wrist, it is felt quite unobtrusively. Such a women’s bracelet will suit girls of all ages, and will also be a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

What to wear with an aroma bracelet this summer?

The aroma bracelet is a stylish thing, but at the same time practical and versatile. Due to the fact that interchangeable pads have different colors, the aroma bracelet will definitely complement any summer look. Judge for yourself!

First of all, this jewelry, like any other bracelet, will fall in love with delicate and delicate natures who prefer to see a variety of dresses, floral prints and pumps in their wardrobe. A pink or white pillow of an aroma bracelet is just right for such a feminine bow.

Prefer style «casual»? The pattern on the diffuser of the aroma bracelet in combination with a black or blue pad is what a busy business woman needs. A jacket or a classic suit, a T-shirt, sneakers and cold perfume — voila, the image is ready!

For indie girls, any pastel tone of the bracelet pad and a slightly sweet, but not cloying scent will do. For older ladies and middle-aged women, you can offer an aroma bracelet with pads in classic white or black. And most importantly, remember: the best decoration you have is yourself!

Order an aroma bracelet using the link and wear it with pleasure!


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