The idea of ​​the Pettel brand is to create interior items for a modern home with a cat or a dog. When creating a design, Pettel does not put a person at the forefront — in this case, the animal in the interior is given a secondary role, restrictions are imposed on it, it is provided with the minimum of what is necessary (some are limited to a couple of bowls and a tray). At the same time, the brand’s design doesn’t overdo it in the direction of a pet – in this case, the interior usually suffers significantly (just imagine all those carpeted corners, a pile of cat shelves, a kitchen floor lined with bowls, etc.).

With its design, Pettel solves the problem of harmonious coexistence between animal and human. This means that items that a cat or dog really needs should, at a minimum, not conflict in design with the decor in the house, and even better (and the brand makes significant efforts for this) — complement and improve it. At the same time, they must certainly be comfortable for the animal, perform their functions, be easy to care for and please the human eye.

Bowls occupy a special place in the Pettel range. First of all, because it is the most requested item for any cat (or dog) owner. In bowls, functionality is more important than anywhere else — the pet should be comfortable eating from them, they should be stable, not slip on the floor, and besides, they have to be washed regularly. But the design is no less important: you must admit that we would often prefer to hide the feeding place from the eyes of the guests. Even in interior magazines, where stylish interior designs with tailed tenants are often found, you will not see bowls in the kitchen and cat litter.

All this is taken into account. Consider the brand’s double and single bowls. For example, the Double F bowl, made in Scandinavian style: it has sides so that dry food does not fall on the floor, and a removable acrylic panel that is easy to remove and wash, and the ash wood is coated with a special water-repellent Italian oil.

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