How to wear a Japanese magnetic pressure bracelet on your hand: contraindications, benefits and harms


When did magnetic jewelry appear?

The healing properties of the magnetic field have been discovered in different regions of the planet. Representatives of civilizations at about the same time began to use a bracelet with a magnet for treatment. Evidence of medicinal properties was found by the ancient Assyrians, the inhabitants of Babylon and Ancient Persia. They made charm bracelets from magnetic stones, which were worn on the wrists or on the ankles. Magnetic bracelets were supposed to protect against evil spirits, and their outer side was covered with runes and magical signs that drive away demons. References to the healing properties of magnetic jewelry can be found:

  • In the documents of Asia Minor dating back to 2500 BC. Then the amazing attracting mineral was called Magnesia, magnetite, and then Lodstone.
  • In ancient Egyptian manuscripts, from which it follows that Cleopatra herself used magnets to preserve her beauty and youth;
  • In the treatises of Aristotle and Plato, where the healing properties of magnetic accessories were already described in more detail.

In America and Europe, magnetic therapy appeared in the 15th century, and since then it has not lost its popularity. Magnetic bracelets can be seen on the arm of the elderly, because commercials have positioned them as a cure for high blood pressure. Magnets were also used to restore the human magnetic field, which improved the performance of all systems.

Recommendations for use

The Luxor magnetic bracelet is a useful and beautiful piece of jewelry. Many believe that they will immediately be able to feel the positive impact that so much has been said about, in order for an accessory to be useful, it is necessary to use it correctly.

1. Decoration size

How to measure arm circumference: with a centimeter or a simple thread, bandage your wrist, save the length, attach to the ruler and add another centimeter.

The standard size from the manufacturer is 21 cm. You need to use a magnetic bracelet with the size of your hand close to +1 cm. If the length is too long, neodymium magnets will not be able to act on acupuncture points. When the length is insufficient, the bracelet will put too much pressure on the hand and may disrupt blood circulation.

What to do if the length of 21 cm is not enough — on the Luxor manufacturer’s website, you can order additional links or a finished product with the desired size.

How to shorten a magnetic bracelet? You can contact the watch or jewelry workshop. The process will take a couple of minutes. To shorten the magnetic bracelet yourself — put the jewelry on the edge, push out the pin connecting the links with a thin object (a needle or a paper clip). Remove the link, put the pin back. It is better to remove white (AnION) or black (Germanium) inserts, links with magnets and red tourmaline — do not remove.

2. Attach the decoration with magnets to the body

The decoration has an outer and inner side. The inner side contains inserts with magnets, germanium, tourmaline and AnION. For a positive result, you need to put on a magnetic bracelet with the inside to the body.

3. The correct location on the arm — in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe brush

There are many acupuncture points with which they will interact with the useful inserts of the bracelet, giving the maximum effect.

4. Wear a magnetic pressure bracelet regularly

The accessory is not afraid of water and is conveniently located on the hand, it can be worn without removing it. If you have never used a magnetic pressure bracelet before, it is better to start wearing it gradually. The body must adapt, take breaks in the early days. Put on the jewelry for an hour, then take it off for a few hours, then repeat increasing the time. Within a few days you will feel the positive effect.

Luxor magnetic bracelet promotes

  • Improving blood circulation;
  • Stabilization of blood pressure;
  • Normalization of the work of the heart;
  • General strengthening and healing of the body;
  • Improving immunity;
  • Removal of toxins and toxins;
  • Improving appetite and the state of the digestive system;
  • Weight loss (due to the acceleration of metabolic processes);
  • Relieve nervous tension and improve the quality of sleep;
  • Elimination of pain syndrome;
  • Elimination of inflammatory processes;
  • Increased tone, improved performance.

Contraindications to the use of magnetic therapy

  • People with a pacemaker;
  • Pregnant women;
  • In case of allergic reactions to the materials of the product;
  • On one hand, along with a quartz watch — may lose accuracy;
  • In salty sea water — the coating of the bracelet may deteriorate;
  • In a bath or sauna, where the temperature is above 70 *, the gilding of the bracelet may deteriorate.

Natural composition, inserts inside Luxor bracelets

Testing magnetic bracelets

Testing before and after 30 minutes of using magnetic jewelry — conducted by the independent scientific Korean association KIFA. The results confirm the effectiveness of magnetic therapy and the irrefutable fact of the effect on the human body. Japanese Luxor magnetic bracelets were used as material samples.


Luxor magnetic jewelry has gained popularity in many countries. They differ from cheap Chinese counterparts in high quality, perfectly match the characteristics, ensure safety and efficient operation. Our company uses modern methods to protect products from illegal reproduction, as we highly appreciate your trust in the Luxor brand and want you to purchase only original goods. Check if the product you have purchased is genuine before deciding to use it.

What to pay attention to?

  1. When buying magnetic jewelry, pay attention to the condition and integrity of the packaging — it should not be torn, all Luxor accessories are packed in branded boxes.
  2. Marking is a product passport containing all the information necessary for the consumer. The packaging of Luxor products contains an article and a barcode, by which you can verify the authenticity of the purchased product.
  3. Checking the engraving on the clasp of jewelry. All bracelets and necklaces of our brand are engraved with Luxor.
  4. Checking the embossing on the body of jewelry. Each accessory of the brand is embossed on the case with information about the material of the product (titanium alloy — Titanum, stainless steel — Stainless steel, copper — cooper).
  5. All Luxor products are accompanied by a certificate of product conformity.
  6. The size of the decoration and weight must match the characteristics of the product on the site. The standard length of magnetic bracelets is 21 cm.
  7. The safe magnetic force in bracelets should not exceed 3000 Gauss, be careful, wearing products with a more powerful magnet is harmful to health!

The weight. Often, Chinese counterparts are made from an alloy of cheap metals that weigh much less than high-quality steel. After two weeks of wearing, the gilding will peel off and the outer part of the bracelet will wear off.

inserts arranged in a chaotic manner — a sign of a fake. Not uniform application of bio-ceramic inserts, which are more like paint, without health benefits.

Presence of a logo Luxor on the clasp. On the reverse side of the clasp there is an embossing of the material of the bracelet case. The lock — latch in the original is always the size of the bracelet.

Nasty rough metalsloppy details that can scratch the skin also speak of a fake.

The use of low quality magnetic jewelry can lead to unpleasant consequences. Luxor’s original magnetic jewelry provides durability of use for 5-7 years, they are resistant to mechanical friction, are not afraid of water and direct sunlight. If you encounter a fake, send a message with the subject «Fake» to the email address


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