How to give a useful gift to a loved one, and maybe to yourself?


Ahead is February 14, Defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23 and the most spring holiday of the year — March 8. Many have already thought about choosing useful and inexpensive gifts, but not everyone knows for sure what will really please a loved one.

What is always useful in everyday life and at work, will become not only a necessary, but also a durable gift for both women and men?

What gift will be useful for both a woman and a man? How to please yourself?

What have you heard about back pain? Back problems come unexpectedly. A sharp pain «covers» in the morning, gradually developing into aching or pulling. The attack weakens, and the person gets used to the inconvenience. Over time, it becomes more difficult to get out of bed, bend over for a dropped hand, or just go out for a walk with the children.

Doctors have their own TOP of familiar situations:

Carrying heavy bags. Alas, few people take seriously the risk of getting a sprain after one trip to the grocery store.

Sports «for wear». Usually this is fitness without a warm-up workout, lifting heavy sports equipment without insurance.

Long journeys and flights. Relevant for those who often travel on business trips. In these cases, lower back pain becomes the «norm».

weather dependent people. Unfortunately, this is not fiction, but a whole symptom complex that is difficult to control without auxiliary means.

Hypothermia and drafts. One of the most dangerous situations, which quickly manifests itself as a sharp, “shooting” pain.

Long sitting (at the wheel, at the monitor). It has long been known that the spine is not designed for long sitting. It is dangerous to stay too long, and if you have to, it is better to immediately provide proper protection to your back.

All of these are the most common root causes of pain and discomfort. We do not attach importance to them, but they gradually accumulate and grow into full-fledged pathologies. Who wants to fall out of everyday life, endure aching pain and put off life for “later”?

Illness robs us of smiles and time spent with friends and family. But if you think in time about supporting the UDF for yourself and your loved ones, “aches” and “lumbago” will not become a problem, and your gift will always be remembered with gratitude.

How to remove pain, discomfort and keep warm in the lower back?

The solution is a warming belt with tourmaline minerals and healing magnets. From the usual warming belt, it is distinguished by the presence of tourmaline fabric with tourmaline minerals and ten healing magnets.

Already in the 19th century, scientists studied in detail the natural properties of the tourmaline mineral and found that the stone is able to absorb thermal energy and release this heat upon contact. And it contains up to 26 trace elements (including iodine, magnesium, iron, etc.).

The advantages of the tourmaline belt are a quick effect, safety and affordable price. The product has no contraindications and has a mild healing effect on the body.

Diseases are noticeably «younger», which means it’s time to make not only pleasant, but also thoughtful surprises. If your goal is to take care of loved ones, an orthopedic bandage will become an effective protection against pain, discomfort, and the development of diseases of the back and spine.

That’s why:

Magnetic bandage — unusual gift for February 14. Unlike traditional gifts, an orthopedic belt strengthens the health of the back and becomes a conscious manifestation of attention, love and care;

ODS diseases more often overtake men of all ages, therefore February 23 — a great occasiond maintain the health of your defenders. Wearing a belt facilitates the load and relieves fatigue, which is especially important for drivers, loaders and programmers;

Women know firsthand about back pain, which is largely due to wearing heels, working in the office, at the cash registers and in the trading floors. Bandage can donate on March 8 — it will relieve discomfort in the back and simplify the daily life of every woman;

How long will this gift last?

The tourmaline belt has no expiration date, and it does not require complex care. After use, it can be hidden in a closet, temporarily placed on a windowsill or a warm battery for heat storage.

Only now for all buyers there are favorable offers and holiday prices.

Magnetotherapy that is always with you.

Also, a magnetic tape is sewn into the bandage, with ten healing magnets, which activates regenerative processes and accelerates the recovery of the body. Cells are actively saturated with oxygen, muscles become toned, spasm and tension are relieved.

The elastic fabric stretches well and fits the figure tightly, puffs and spools do not appear on it. The belt does not slip off during wearing, does not hinder movement and is almost invisible under clothing. The bandage can be used by yourself and the whole family — it will not lose its healing properties and will serve you for a long time.

During the off-season, there is a risk of exacerbation of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Magnetic bandage protects the back from hypothermia, relieves pain and fatigue, maintains posture in the correct position.

How to use tourmaline belt correctly?

The warming bandage can be used anywhere and anytime. It is worn at home and at work, at the first sign of violations or for the purpose of regular prevention.

Don’t wait until the pain becomes unbearable. The belt not only eliminates pain, but also evenly distributes the load on the spine, fixes it in a safe position, and protects the lower back from drafts.

Wearing a bandage is relevant for women and men, young and old. It can be worn under casual jumpers and cardigans.

Super soft and warm blanket

A large soft blanket is the epitome of comfort and homeliness. This is a timeless gift that can be used as a blanket or bedspread, wrapped up together on cool evenings or just watching your favorite TV shows.

The size of the plaid is 220*240 cm. The plaid can be given as a gift for the upcoming holidays or you can keep it for yourself. The material is easy to wash, does not prick, does not absorb odors. Does not cause allergic reactions. Ideal for large living rooms, children’s rooms and double beds.

Buy magnetic belt with tourmaline. Participate in the draw!

Real benefit is a gift, with care for the future. You can buy orthopedic belts with tourmaline and 10 magnets from us, which will equally delight both men and women.

The tourmaline belt is a great contribution to the health of your loved ones, which will always be received with gratitude.

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