How to easily and quickly clean animal hair from woven surfaces?

When there is a furry pet in the apartment, life becomes similar to the life of Bigfoot Yeti in his cave. Pet hair fills everything around and getting rid of it becomes a difficult task. The vacuum cleaner helps, but does not do a great job.

In addition, pet hair covers not only carpets and furniture, but also clothes and home textiles. Washing, using ordinary household brushes do not give the desired result. Sometimes it comes to the point that you just have to brush off the hair with your fingers or put on your favorite black coat in white villi from your favorite dog or cat, which does not look aesthetically pleasing.

But pets are also transported in cars, the interior of which has soft upholstery, on which wool easily falls and is difficult to clean.

If the hair is not removed for a long time, it flies into the dishes, food and can enter the body.

Solution — simple to use and inexpensive — cleaner.

The cleaner is a special scraper that collects lint from furniture, carpets, clothing, car interiors and other woven surfaces.

The scraper is made of metal material, which ensures its quality and durability. The holder, covered with silicone, will not let you slip in your hands. The copper blade will not rust or dull.

How to use a scraper?

The scraper is easy to use. You just need to hold the scraper above the surface at a minimum angle and gently move your hand, collecting wool, spools and everything that should not be on the surface.

The size of the cleaner is 12.5*17.5 cm, and the weight is just over 30 g. It is comfortable to hold in your hand and does not take up much storage space. Safe to use, it is impossible to cut yourself on the blade, which is important if there are children in the house.

After use, the cleaner must be washed under running water — it will not rust, and all dirt can be easily washed off.

On average, cleaning a carpet with a cleaner takes 7-10 minutes. This is much less than cleaning the carpet with a conventional brush, and the cleaning efficiency is many times higher.

If you have a fluffy pet, then the Cleaner brush is what you need right now!

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