How to choose the right underwear size?

75V, 90A, 80C… What is this cipher and how to solve it? Women’s underwear consists of two components. And if the size of panties is easy to determine, then choosing a bra is already more difficult.

To find out your underwear size, you need to take 3 measurements:

  • Chest girth. We measure at the highest point of the chest.

  • Girth under the bust. We measure under the very base of the chest.

  • Hip girth. We measure at the most protruding points of the hips.

You can see how measurements are taken correctly in our VIDEO.

Clue! Size charts for individual brands or manufacturers may vary. When shopping for lingerie online, it’s important to look at the size chart of a specific brand.

Choosing panties.

You have measured all three parameters. First, take the circumference of the hips and substitute in the table below. We find the corresponding number and VOILA! This is your panty size.

For example, if your hip circumference is 105 cm, panties in size XL(50) will fit.

Choosing a bra.

To select a bra, we need the remaining two parameters:

  • girth under the bust — in size is indicated by a number.

  • chest girth — in size is indicated by a letter.

You need to substitute your parameters in the table below, where you can find out which bra size is right for you.

For example, the parameters of our model from the video: girth under the bust: 72, chest girth: 91. We substitute the values ​​​​into the table. Our model will fit a 70D bra.

What if you have a rare size?

The female figure may not be subject to standardization, because every girl is unique! Plus size bras and panties can be found at brands such as WISH WOMAN, Natural Form, NewMax and SG Anlinle. The size range of these manufacturers differs from the classic SML. Panties are available in sizes 44 to 58 and bra sizes are 75B to 105F

We have collected for you some beautiful and comfortable models from these brands in a large size:

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