How to choose the right slimming corset


Many girls at least once thought about purchasing a corset, but today’s market is much more saturated with corsets than before. Let’s figure it out together how to choose the right slimming corset.

Slimming corsets withstand huge loads, which means that the fabric of the corset must be of the highest quality.

Fabric quality The corset also eliminates excessive sweating, rubbing in the places of fit with a strong tightening and inconvenience. The Boga company is a manufacturer of slimming corsets and who but we understand the importance of convenience, comfort, longevity and appearance of corsets. Our corsets are made from high-quality materials that withstand stress, do not lose their appearance and do not cause discomfort during prolonged wear.

Corset bones — these are flexible metal plates that are sewn along the entire length of the corset. It is they who correct the figure to ideal forms; we recommend paying attention to their material.

Clasps — The most common and ancient type of clasp is the busk. A busk is two steel plates that are held together with hooks and loops. But the busk is almost always used in conjunction with the second type of fastener — lacing. Only lacing can give the very tightening effect for which a corset is so loved. Our corsets use only strong tape made of quality materials, you can not be afraid to tighten the corset and enjoy the result. pulling function.

corset size.The size of the product is incredibly important when choosing a corset, because your comfort and effectiveness of the corset depend on it. With the right choice of size, you will avoid such problems as chafing, squeezing, protruding “rollers”, lack of pulling effect. About how to choose the right size you can read our article

Corset Tips.In the modern world, a corset is a very functional piece of clothing that is suitable for various occasions and complements any look. When putting on a corset, you must remember that in order to wear it correctly, you must get used to a new sensation for yourself. Watch your posture, the corset will be a great help in this, it is also worth remembering that you need to breathe in the corset with upper breathing, i.e. chest, not the stomach, although at first it seems uncomfortable, but such breathing is correct.

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