Do you know the situation when you wake up in the morning and find a sheet that lies in a lump in the center of the bed or even lying on the floor? To avoid this unpleasant moment, just buy a sheet with an elastic band. Unlike traditional models, elasticated sheets are considered more practical and comfortable. They are easy to put on the mattress, they adapt to the bed of any size and shape, do not crumple and do not twist at night.

We will tell you how to choose the right sheet with an elastic band:

  1. Mattress size

Before buying, be sure to measure the size of the mattress — length and width. For example, the size of the mattress is 180×200 cm, which means that the size of the sheet with an elastic band should be exactly the same. Also, for the correct choice of sheets with an elastic band, the height of the mattress is important.

  1. Fold under the mattress

The sheets with an elastic band have a bend, that is, those centimeters that go under the mattress — for a tight fixation of the sheet on the mattress. We, as manufacturers, leave 5 cm for a fold. Suppose your mattress is 20 cm high, and you want to purchase a sheet with an elastic band with a declared height of 25 cm. Considering 5 centimeters for a fold, this model is ideal for you. In this case, 5 cm will go to the bend, and 20 cm — the height of the mattress

  1. Rubber bands for sheets

There are 2 options for the location of the rubber bands — in the corners and around the perimeter. The second option is more convenient and practical, thanks to reliable fixation and protection of the mattress over its entire area. La Prima sheets have an elastic band around the entire perimeter.

  1. Color

Someone likes the elasticated sheet to match the color of the bed linen, while others, on the contrary, choose a sheet in a contrasting color and make it the accent of the bedroom set. It all depends on your taste and mood. Experiment and be the designer of your bed!

For lovers of luxury, practicality, comfort and convenience — La Prima sheets will be the best choice!

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