How to choose the right sewing kit


A sewing kit is one of the essentials on the road. To purchase such an accessory, you need to decide on the complete set of the set and the size of the organizer. The shape and size is usually chosen according to the bag or suitcase that you will take on a trip.

You can make a travel kit with your own hands or put the items you need for sewing and needlework in a separate bag or box, but why invent and waste extra time if there are ready-made sets in organizers of various materials with different configurations for every taste.

Any sewing kit usually includes:

  • Threads of different colors. On the road or on a hike, they usually take threads that match the color of the clothes taken on a trip;
  • Needle threader. Convenient and indispensable device, especially when traveling;
  • Thimble. Excellent protection of fingers from needle pricks when sewing;
  • Scissors. In the travel set, they are always small or foldable;
  • A set of needles of different thicknesses and with ears of different sizes;
  • Seam ripper. More convenient and safer thing than a regular blade;
  • Safety pin. It is better to take several pieces of different sizes, they will always come in handy on a trip for various needs;
  • Tailor’s meter. It happens less often in sets, but in needlework the thing is no less important;
  • Buttons. Only necessary if they are present on your clothes.

Choosing the right travel sewing kit is not that difficult, it all depends on where you are going and for how long. In any case, it should contain the basic equipment. When hiking, it is better to take small sets with the most necessary items and a set of threads and needles of different thicknesses. It is preferable to travel with a large organizer, which contains not only essentials, but also additional tools, which is especially convenient for women involved in needlework.

In addition to travel kits, there are also special sewing kits.

  • Baby. They are used for sewing dolls, soft toys, making decorative ornaments, various types of embroidery;
  • For beginners. The same set as the travel kit, plus a tailor’s meter and crayons for building a pattern;
  • For hotels. It contains the minimum number of items for minor clothing repairs;
  • Professional, usually stationary and with a large number of various sewing accessories.

You can buy different types of sewing kits in specialized or online stores. It is best to make purchases on well-known trading platforms that have proven themselves on the positive side.


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