Naturalness and naturalness — how important it is in our time! When choosing clothes, this became especially valuable. However, not all buyers can distinguish natural fabric from synthetic. Often this problem occurs with linen clothing.

The fact is that technology does not stand still, synthetic linen can visually look very high quality. Information about the material on the label and in the product description is often incorrect or inaccurate. For example, in order to mislead the buyer, manufacturers indicate the type of weaving, and not the composition of the material. In the case of synthetic inclusions, the valuable properties of natural linen are lost. It is important not to make a mistake and make the right choice.

Here are some tips on how to distinguish natural linen from synthetic linen.

  1. The presence of «bumps» — convex tiny nodules on linen fabric. Sometimes the manufacturer does not specifically remove them, for a more natural texture of the fabric and its strength. Thickening threads, prosnovki are proof of the natural origin of the fiber. True connoisseurs and connoisseurs of linen doubt the naturalness of the fabric if they do not see such thickenings.

We advise you to accept this property of flax. If this is unacceptable for you, then it’s just not your fabric.

  1. If there are no “bumps”, this is also normal. As a rule, there are no knots on very thin linen, which is woven from the same fine uniform yarn.
  2. Linen is cooler to the touch.
  3. Linen has a natural matte sheen.

Truly natural linen is not so common, things made from 100% linen are truly valuable. For example, the Russian brand Lanicka uses natural linen to create its collections:

Fabrics, Lanicka are not too thin so that the products do not shine through, so there are noble irregularities.

Natural linen fabrics in Lanicka products undergo air softening treatment, so the products are especially soft, pleasant to the body, retain color brightness, keep their shape and do not shrink.

Linen perfectly passes air, absorbs moisture and does not create a greenhouse effect. Therefore, it is considered an ideal material for summer clothes.

Choose your Lanicka linen item for a real summer!

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