How to choose the right corset?

How to choose the right corset? This is the first question that the buyer faces when choosing a corset. Let’s take a closer look at it.

1. When choosing a specific model, you should pay attention to the correspondence of your figure to the style of the corset. For example, it is not recommended for curvaceous ladies to choose corsets with abundant ruffles and frills (unless, of course, this is part of some kind of image). But I strongly advise you to pay attention to this for girls with small breasts. Since the presence of at least a small, barely noticeable frill in the neckline allows the corset to fit closer to the chest. Thus, you will avoid protruding corset.

2. Don’t be afraid to wear a bra under your corset. This is fine!!! It will be worse if you feel discomfort from a lack of volume, for example. Hence the lack of confidence in himself and in his image. If you don’t want a bra, please use silicone pads. Today, the fashion industry has provided everything to the smallest detail so that you can look at everything 💯 Silicone tabs are generally a lifesaver, but about them next time 😊😉

3. Waist size is the main parameter when choosing a corset! Neither the chest, nor even the hips … Measure OT, compare according to the size table, choose the one you need.

4. If you are on the border of two sizes and do not know which one is better to choose — bigger or smaller, then make a choice based on the following: — if you plan to lose weight in the near future, then choose a smaller size. If you do not plan to lose weight \ often gain weight \ want to wear a corset for beauty \ you need a corset for a romantic evening, then take the one that is larger. After all, remember that a thing brings pleasure when you feel comfortable in it. #kameli #corset #how to choose the right corset #in a corset #corset for the waist #we lose weight together

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