How to choose the right canning lids

Practical housewives prefer to make canned vegetables, fruits, and meats on their own. Home cooking is always associated with the selection of tightly closed containers. From the whole variety of seaming accessories, it is difficult to choose suitable canning lids, which ones are better, not everyone knows. To answer this question, it is necessary to compare all types of products, as well as to find out the criteria for evaluating their quality.


There are 4 types of lids for cans: tin, aluminum, nylon and twist-off. All types have their pros and cons. They relate to the material of manufacture, the method of closing, the possibility of reuse.


This variety is often used for rolling cans. Tin plates can be varnished and uncoated. In the first case, the products look yellow, in the second — white. Rubber seals are built into the metal lids, which guarantee a snug fit to the jar.

Lids for preservation made of tin are characterized by significant advantages. They do not require large financial investments, provide high tightness and long shelf life of products. The disadvantages include one-time use, the complexity of rolling up and the inability to use in the absence of a special device for blocking cans.


It is difficult to imagine the modern market for converting lids without varieties designed for jars with narrow necks. Such products are made of aluminum, a lightweight, soft, pliable material.

The advantages include reliability, strength, durability.


This kind of metal products is equipped with a screw thread on the inside of the rim. Twist-off reusable canning lids. The number of resealings depends on their condition. If the surface is not rusted, you can continue to use. The main advantage is complemented by other advantages. Screw caps do not require the purchase of a sealing device, guarantee high tightness, low risk of jar swelling.

But to use twist-offs, suitable threaded glass containers are required. In this case, the diameter of the lid must match the diameter of the neck of the jar.


Seaming accessory is made of dense polyethylene. In some cases, the product is preheated in hot water.

The advantage of this variety is its low cost. In addition, the nylon cover is easy to use. does not require special devices for closing and opening the jar, reusable use is allowed. Marinades and other products are not stored for a long time, since nylon does not allow sterilizing containers.


When determining which lids are best for canning, it is necessary to take into account not only the features of the products themselves, but also the characteristics of the product. Certain varieties are suitable for vegetables, fruits, meat, fish. The choice is governed by redox properties. To choose the right canning lids, it is recommended to consider the following tips:

1. Unlacquered, tin-plated, tin lids (white) are only suitable for products with low acidity — marmalade, jams, preserves, compote. However, if fruits and berries have a bright color, it is better to use varnished color for them.

2.Products saturated with protein (meat, legumes) should not be left under a white tin lid. Amino acids, into which protein breaks down, can enhance the oxidative process.

3. Iron jar lids with anti-oxidation varnish coating are suitable for marinades, pickles, adjika, vegetable salads. These dishes contain many organic acids, which require chemically inert surfaces.


In order for ready-made canned food to retain high characteristics for a long time, it is necessary to check the quality of the lids before cooking them. They must not be deformed, broken, moldy or rusty. The edge of the products must be even, without potholes, cracks, wavy bending.

When choosing tin pieces, you need to pay attention to the rubber seal. If it is elastic and elastic, then the expiration date has not yet expired. In old products, the rubber dries out and loses its ability to spring. The sealing ring must not be twisted. If a defective element is found in already purchased covers, they must be replaced. You can find elastic bands for lids in hardware stores where seaming accessories are presented.

The optimum thickness of the tin should be 0.2 mm. Tin lids must be varnished on the inside. Also, high quality tin covers must be made in accordance with GOST.

A variety of jars and lids for canning allows you to choose the most optimal option. Weighing all the pros and cons of products, taking into account the properties of the products and the complexity of the process, you can purchase a suitable kit for home cooking. In this case, the range of canned products is greatly expanded. And this, in turn, makes the menu more diverse and useful.

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Metal cover «Svetlana». Manufacturer LLC «Svetlana» Krasnodar Territory, Krymsk.

These lids are made of 0.20 mm sheet metal, have a varnish coating on the inside and outside, a high-quality sealing ring. Lids «Svetlana» are made in accordance with GOST 321179-2013

Article: 73283179, 73283180,73283178, 75431404

Screw melallic cover (twist-off). Manufacturer LLC «Kulbit», Republic of «Belarus», Mogilev

These lids are made of 0.20 mm sheet metal, varnished on the inside and outside. Screw caps are manufactured in accordance with GOST 25749-2005

Article: 73234618, 73257346, 73257347, 75434600

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