How to choose the right bathroom accessories

How to properly organize the space in the bathroom so that order and comfort reign in it?

The IVA Homes brand has compiled a list of items that must be present in your bathroom so that comfort and harmony reign in it. Accessories, which will be discussed in the article, are not only necessary attributes for organizing the bathroom space, but also designed to decorate the room.

So what items will help you give the atmosphere a piece of comfort and rationally organize a small bathroom space?

Laundry baskets

Many people store dirty clothes and laundry in the washer drum or directly on the bathroom floor. This approach is absolutely wrong and after a while will lead to the fact that an unpleasant smell will appear in the bathroom. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to store things and linen only in baskets specially designed for this.

When choosing a basket, give preference to natural materials, such as felt — it is durable, waterproof and easy to clean. When not in use, this basket can be easily folded up so that it does not take up extra space.

Felt baskets add warmth and cosiness to a cold bathroom atmosphere. Such an accessory will become not only a decorative decoration, but also preserve intimacy and create order in the room.

Hook holders

If you still throw your bathrobe and towels on the washer or on the floor because there is nowhere to hang them, wall hook holders will help you. IVA Homes hooks are installed without a drill and the need to drill holes in the walls — simply and quickly.

By hanging towels, washcloths and bathrobes on hooks, you not only put things in order in the bathroom, but also, with a creative approach, make them a highlight of the interior. The main rule is not to buy cheap plastic hooks that deprive the atmosphere of individuality. Hooks made of metal will give the bathroom a special chic and character.

Be sure to pay attention to the design of the hook — its end should not be too short. Heavy towels and bathrobes will fall from it all the time.

Wall shelves

If there is no longer enough space on the sides of the bathtub and sink to store washcloths and many bottles of shower gel, hair balm and shampoo, then additional shelves are indispensable.

An excellent alternative is metal shelves, which are in perfect harmony with modern interiors, because the material of the mixer and shower has a chrome surface. We recommend avoiding cheap plastic — over time it wears out and turns yellow.

And don’t worry about having to drill into the walls to install the shelves. IVA Homes shelves are adhesive backed — the best option if you don’t want to bother, live in a rental property or don’t plan to drill holes in new tiles after a bathroom renovation.

So which shelf should you buy? The best option would be a wall shelf with sides to prevent jars and bottles from falling. It must be made of a moisture-resistant material, such as metal.

For small rooms, it is more practical to choose corner models that take up little space and are mounted either in the corner near the sink or near the bath.

Often, a shelf is installed near the washbasin — you can put a glass for toothbrushes and a soap dish on it and unload the sides of the sink. Also, the shelf can be with a crossbar and with hooks. It will be convenient to fold clean towels on it, and hang used ones on hooks or a crossbar under the shelf to dry. On the crossbar, in addition to towels, you can also hang a bathrobe, it is very convenient.

Thanks to the listed accessories, your bathroom will become even more comfortable, beautiful and functional. Welcome to IVA Homes and happy shopping!

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