How to choose the right base jewelry?

Jewelry is an important part of our wardrobe, including the basic one. Today we will tell you what to be guided by when choosing products for everyday wear.

To begin with, it is worth noting that the basic wardrobe is a set of things that are as comfortable as possible for frequent wear. Also, basic things should be combined with each other and with other elements of the wardrobe. Therefore, comfort and adaptability in combinations are what you need to pay attention to first of all.

As a rule, people choose between gold and silver and stick to their choice in all accessories. Silver is considered more refined and concise. It is suitable for those who want to emphasize the outfit with a small and elegant accent. Gold looks more bright and associatively expensive. It is suitable for those who want to look chic and languid.

If you want something fundamentally new, then you should pay attention to products coated with nanoceramics. Precious metal of bright color may look unusual, but it is unique and colorful.

For frequent everyday wear, earrings with simple locks, studs and jewelry with an English lock are best suited. They are easy to put on and take off and easy to combine with other jewelry. If you are afraid to lose your stud earrings, then the best solution would be to choose studs with a screw lock. Minimal!st has jewelry with all types of locks for people with different preferences.

When it comes to inlays, enamels and cubic zirconias in neutral colors are the perfect addition to everyday pieces. Inserts of other colors are a little more difficult to match with the overall composition of the outfit, so they are best left for special occasions.

Well, lovers of natural stones should pay attention to pearls and spinel, as they are also neutral colors and will suit any outfit.

It is important to note that all tips are only advisory in nature, and it is not necessary to follow them. However, if the article was useful to you, leave your ratings and comments!

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