How to choose the right baby travel pillow?

It is important that the neck pillow is the right size: not too bulky and heavy! Then the child will be comfortable to sit, sleep and turn his head.

Easy to care for. Since children and cleanliness are incompatible things, it is necessary that the pillow under the head can be washed in the washing machine and by hand. And it is advisable to wash the pillow along with the filler, since liquid and food can be absorbed and remain in the filler, and this will contribute to the development of bacteria.

Quality tailoring and materials. Since children actively play, fight, jump with these travel pillows, it is important that they are made of durable lightweight materials with high-quality tailoring.

It is important to choose a pillow with the right filling. Comparing different criteria, the synthetic winterizer turned out to be the most advantageous option. Due to the fact that this is a synthetic material, microbes, mold, parasites and mites will not develop in it. It also does not accumulate dust and does not absorb odors. Syntepon products are light, voluminous and elastic, they can be washed in a washing machine along with a filler. And pillows with polystyrene foam balls love to burst at the most inopportune moment, and then absolutely everything is covered with them!

Pillows are a great option. They immediately perform two functions — allow the child to play and sleep. Think about it, this is salvation — one toy will allow you to walk with it as with a friend, and sleep on it if necessary. Great option for a pillow.

Thoughtful design and safety: buttons and laces can squeeze the child’s neck and prevent breathing, so pillows without these details are safer pillows.

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