How to choose the right autumn shoes?


Autumn is a wonderful time, transforming nature beyond recognition. Yellowed leaves falling from the trees, the gentle autumn sun, a refreshing breeze — what could be more beautiful?
But in particular, autumn can be moody, wet and cold.

At what temperature what shoes to wear in the fall, so as not to get tired, not get wet and at the same time be active? We will tell in the article about the most popular models of autumn shoes and tell you what to look for when choosing.

Modern demi-season shoes are made in such a way that they are suitable for a wide temperature range (and sometimes “capture” even winter) due to additional thermal insulation. Therefore, you only need one pair of shoes for autumn as a mandatory minimum. Of course, the list can be expanded upon request.)
Demi-season leather boots (for temperatures from -5 to +10 degrees).
Of course, you can add closed leather sneakers (for temperatures from +5 degrees and above), as well as loafers (for temperatures from +8 degrees and above).

When you have decided on the list, how to choose the right autumn shoes? Let’s sort it out in order.

Rule 1
Choose shoes made from natural materials. Genuine leather perfectly withstands repeated bending and stretching. Shoes made of it are durable and reliable, wear-resistant. If you buy leather shoes, it will last twice or even three times longer than products made from artificial counterparts.

Rule 2
Separately, it is worth considering the quality of the seams, which will tell a lot about the shoes. The seams on the shoes must be perfectly straight and of high quality.

Rule 3
Choose shoes with sufficiently soft, flexible soles. Bend your boots in your hands. In high-quality shoes, the sole bends easily, and the upper of the boot does not deform too much. On a very thin sole, it is convenient to walk only on a flat floor, walking in such shoes on asphalt can hardly be called pleasant — the foot will feel every stone.

Rule 4
Always wear both shoes when trying on. Be sure to walk around the fitting area. While walking, you should feel the toe of the shoe slightly with your fingers, but do not rest against it. Run your hand over the surface of the material and make sure that your toes do not stick out on it with bumps.

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